what was I thinking?

I’m almost embarrassed to show these to you guys, but here we go.

what was I thinking

These are some clay pots that I bought at a craft show of some kind many years ago.  In case you are wondering, yes, they are just drawn on with a Sharpie.  I know, right?  What was I thinking?

I apologize now if the person who made these recognizes them and feels bad that I am mocking them.  Hey, I bought them, so I guess at one time I didn’t think they were that bad.  Not only that, but I have displayed them in my office at the day job every fall since I purchased them.  And even worse, I put one in the window sill with dried hydrangeas in it last fall and it had sat there ever since.  All through last Christmas, and then spring and summer … right up until I brought it home the other day.  Seriously, for that alone I should have my official decorating blogger ID card taken away permanently (if there was such a thing).

Well, I have finally come to my senses and decided to spruce these up and make them into something I won’t be embarrassed to display.  The impetus for this change came when I stopped in at Farmhouse Inspired a few weeks ago to get some more Fusion paint.  I noticed that Jody was also carrying a new chalk paint line created by the Junk Gypsies.  And she had a small table painted in their mustard yellow color, which is called Granny’s Cornbread.  I just loved the richness of the mustard.  I wanted to buy some to play around with, but she only had the large size cans of this color in stock at the moment.  I couldn’t bring myself to spend $40 to just play around with a color, and I’m not sure how well large pieces of furniture would sell painted in this color.  But Jody graciously offered to share a small free sample with me (thanks again Jody!)  Perfect for painting some pots!

painted pots version 1

I put two coats of paint on, but noticed I could still faintly see the original sharpie drawn details, so I added a third coat of paint.  Then I used the acrylic medium transfer method to add some autumnal looking graphics (if you want more detail on this method, check out this post about the french hat box.)

Ahhh.  So much better.  Almost.  Until you look closely and see that the stars are still peeking through the paint around the rim on the shorter pot.  Drat!  I then put another coat of paint around just the rim of that pot.  Then I got involved in something else for a few days.  And when I came back to the pots … well … sigh … this happened ….

painted pots ruined 1

First of all, the Sharpie ink had continued to bleed through my paint.  Then, to add a little extra frustration to the moment, I dropped one of the pots!

broken pot

So, two lessons learned here.  First, Sharpie ink bleeds through chalk paint.  Second, don’t drop clay pots.

In the end, I went to Menards and purchased some brand new clay pots to paint.

painted pots version 2

Unfortunately, at that point I was almost out of Granny’s Cornbread and had just enough left for two more pots.  So I also used Annie Sloan’s Old White and Coco.

cornbread pot

I also went with an additional graphic that isn’t quite as fall-ish, but I thought it was just gorgeous.

opera graphic

A word to the wise, these pots would not be suitable for house plants.  I haven’t actually tested it, but I’m sure that over time too much moisture would leach through the pot and lift the paint off.  However, you can use plants that are in plastic liner pots and just remove them to water them.  Let them drain well, and then return them to the pot.  These pots happen to look great with some fall mums in them.  I know this because sent a few over to Eye Candy ReFind that way!  I also brought some pots over to Reclaiming Beautiful this week.  So if you are local and want one of these pretty pots to use for a fall mum, head to either shop!  And if you have something that you want to paint in a gorgeous rich mustard yellow, consider trying the Granny’s Cornbread.

16 thoughts on “what was I thinking?

  1. These are gorgeous! Do you foresee any issues with these being exposed to weather? If you are worried about not being able to water plants in them, would you worry about them getting rained on?


    1. These pots do have a coat of furniture wax on them which will protect them somewhat from the occasional drizzle, but I wouldn’t leave them outside exposed for any length of time. I envision them being used in a window, or on a covered porch. A semi-sheltered spot under the eaves might work as well.


  2. I too get my fusion paint at Farmhouse Inspired and admired that mustard color on Jody’s table as well. It is a lovely, rich mustard… just right for fall.
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. That table was really charming, wasn’t it? I think it would be hard to use this color on a larger piece of furniture … although I have to say I was in Target the other day and they had a small nightstand in this mustard yellow color. If Target is carrying such things, they must be popular!


  3. Darn Sharpie markers! Good for so many things….except if you want to paint over them!! Your end product turned out beautifully! I was just thinking of doing something similar….great minds?!? I am just beginning to explore the world of transfer images. I use Transfer Gel from the Fusion line.

    Thank you for your continued support of Farmhouse Inspired!! For those interested in trying Junk Gypsy Paint, I believe I am fully stocked at this time (quart $34.95, pint $22.95) more information about the paint can be found at: http://www.junkgypsypaint.com. I will give your readers a 10% discount on Junk Gypsy Paint if they mention the blog!

    Take Care and keep on painting!!


    1. I have never tried the Fusion Transfer Gel, but when I run out of the Liquitex stuff I want to give it a try. I’m going to add a message to my Monday post about the 10% discount, just to make sure everyone sees it. Thanks for offering that for my readers!


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