what to do with extra paint.

Remember the little chairs I picked up while garage saling last week?

lunchtime finds

Well, as it turned out, they are the perfect solution for using up some left over milk paint.  As most of you know, milk paint comes as a powder and you mix it up as you need it.  Once mixed, it only has a shelf life of about a week.  Although I’m pretty good at judging how much paint to make, there are usually a few tablespoons left over.

So after a recent dresser make-over (soon to be revealed), I pulled out one of these chairs to use up the extra paint.

blue chair on the wall

I simply sanded down the existing blue paint, then painted a couple coats of MMS’ Artissimo on the chair.

blue books

The Artissimo worked perfectly with the lighter original blue color of the chair peeking through.

blue chair on the wall 2

Once painted, I sanded the chair again and then added Miss Mustard Seed furniture wax.

I staged it with some fabulous vintage blue books and a Cornishware pitcher.


 Did you notice how perfect these little chairs are for hanging on the wall and using as a shelf?

In the end that might be the fate of all three.  I’m still working on that idea a bit.  Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “what to do with extra paint.

  1. ooooh….love that idea hanging the little chairs cannot wait to see how that plays out.
    Love the Cornish pitcher great composition.


    1. The Artissimo is one of the easiest milk paint colors to work with (in my opinion). It covers really well and it mixes really well (you don’t end up with a slightly different shade on one drawer only, which happens a lot with the green shades). You can also go with a slightly thinner consistency with this one and still get good coverage. I think you’re going to love it!


      1. Good to know. I’m starting out on a large picture frame and then have an end table to do. Thanks.


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