the paris bed.

The client who purchased the gorgeous dresser that I painted in Duck Egg blue recently, also purchased the matching bed.  She’s not putting them in the same room though.  The dresser was for her own bedroom, and the bed is intended for her daughter’s bedroom and she wanted it painted white.  I am still a big fan of white painted furniture, although I don’t do as much of it as I used to.  I knew this bed would be gorgeous no matter what color it was painted though.

Bed painted white.

Am I right?

But let’s go back to the beginning of the story.  This bed had some damage on the footboard, which you can see here.

paris bed damage

I sent it home with Ken for repairs.  He chiseled the break so that it was even, and then glued in a piece of wood to patch it.  Here is how it looked with the patch in place.

paris bed repair collage

If you haven’t heard me say it before, I’ll say again, I am very lucky to have Ken for a neighbor.  He can do these sort of repairs in no time, and he does a beautiful job of it.

Here it is painted.  You can hardly even tell that there was a problem.

paris bed repair painted

This foot board was really the piece that sold me on this entire bedroom set.  I have seen many beds with a foot board that curves around the bed, but I had never seen one that had side pieces quite like this.

paris foot board corner

Aren’t they just gorgeous?  The headboard on this bed is lovely too.

paris bed headboard detail

But the foot board is like a work of art.

paris foot board closeup

I staged the bed with a stack of vintage suitcases, and you’ll recognize my faux french hat box from Monday’s post.

paris bed with suitcases

My client told me that her daughter loves everything french, so I couldn’t help adding a little surprise to the bed.

paris foot board full

Do you see it?  There at the bottom?  A little Paris stencil that fit perfectly on that raised section of trim.

paris bed stencil close up

I think it added the perfect finishing touch to this lovely bed.

White bed with Paris stencil

paris bed before and after

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31 thoughts on “the paris bed.

  1. It’s simply gorgeous. I love anything French and Paris. I hope your client shares a picture of the bed when she gets in in her daughters room.


    1. I still always think my booth at Junk Bonanza last year, when someone walked through and said “gosh, I wish she didn’t put Paris on everything!” I guess it’s not for everyone, but I love it. And I’m always happy to hear that others love it too.


  2. Your pieces get more and more stunning. I love the furniture finds and your transformations. The bed is elegant . The stencil is a perfect touch and the staging is always of interest to me…c’est manifique.


    1. Thanks Janice! This bed was so lovely already that it would have been hard to go wrong. I wish I could work on more pieces like this, but they tend to be out of my price range. So it was a pleasure to work on this one!


  3. O.M.G. Just stunning!!! Do you mind sharing what color white this is and what type of paint you used? Also what did you do to highlight those details? You really are amazing and have quite the knack for redoing furniture!!! I could only hope to find a bed like this one day for my 4 year old “princess”!! I’ll keep looking though ;-). Have a lovely day!!


    1. Well, the paint is a mix of 3 cans that I already had, Annie Sloan Old White, Cece Caldwell Vintage White and American Paint Co’s Navajo White. I was trying to use up some mostly empty cans of paint. Then I ran low and bought another can of the Vintage White and mixed that in as well. So, the Vintage White is close (and also is the darkest of the three colors), as is the A.S. Old White. The Navajo White is a bit lighter than the other two. Does that help narrow it down for you? LOL. Then, I waxed the entire bed using the Cece Caldwell Waxing Cream. To highlight the details, I waxed them with the Cece Caldwell Aging Cream. I used a brush to apply it and really worked it into the crevasses, then quickly wiped it off again, taking it back off the high points. And of course, they were sanded to begin with to remove some of the paint. Hope this explanation helps! Thanks Amy.


  4. I think this may be my favorite piece yet! Thanks for telling us the paint colors you use. I am very interested in the primer poster beside the bed–did you make it? Thanks for all the inspiration!


    1. Nope, I didn’t make that poster. I bought it at Bloom, a shop in Las Vegas, when I was there last year. I thought it was just some Cavallini paper, but I can’t find it on line and there are no markings on the poster itself. I’ve used it for a couple of photo shoots now, but I also have it hanging right next to my desk in the Q branch now as well.


  5. This one is a real beauty! I do love the footboard details and you are right you don’t see many with that amount of detailing. I like the paint color/colors you used to achieve this look. Love to be a fly on the wall when this young gal spy’s the Paris bit – bet she squeals.


    1. It’s the sort of bed we’d all love to have, but too bad they didn’t make them any bigger than full size back then. Of course, I know you can find new beds in a similar style that come in Queen and King, but I’m sure the price would be far outside my budget!


  6. Another fabulous job – Ken really is a gem – that repair is amazing! Love everything about it – oh…and you can never have enough ‘Paris’


  7. Hi, I ‘m coming over from FNF. Your PARIS bed turned out beautiful! I’ve just been browsing through your blog and you’ve painted so many beautiful pieces. I have a couple I’ve been considering painting. I’ll be back for more inspiration.


  8. The bed is exquisite. I echo the sentiment that we would love to see it in it’s new home. I’m sure you have an extremely happy client!


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