a room of one’s own.

There is this odd little room on my main floor that is just off the piano room.  It’s not large at about 10′ by 10′, and it is accessed through an wide arched opening, thus has no door and is open to the rest of the main floor.  I don’t know what this room was intended for, but for us it has had a number of different identities.  I set it up as a dining room for a while, but we never actually ate in there, so that didn’t really work.  For a long time it was simply a room where I displayed my doll house (one of these days, I’ll have to share that with you).  But that seemed like an awful waste of space.  We considered using it as a small TV room, but that never happened, although I still think it would be perfect for that.  So, a while back I decided to turn it into my studio/crafting space.  A room of my own.

Part of the reason I’m sharing the room with you now is because I want you to see it before I change it up.  I’ve grown tired of the chartreuse walls, and the black and white accents.  I’m still formulating my plan, but I’m hoping that if I say it out loud to all of you, I will actually follow through.

But for now, here is the room as is.

This dresser is fantastic because it holds a LOT of supplies.  I’ve thought about replacing it, but I would have to find something that holds just as much stuff.  The numbered drawers have been very convenient.  I can always tell Mr. Q that the paper cutter is in drawer no. 2, or the glue is in drawer no. 5.  But I am ready to move on to another look.  I’m thinking about just repainting this piece and keeping it, but that remains to be seen.  The lamps must go.

studio south wall

The chalkboard door and my manikin, Lula, will stay.

studio corner

My desk was a craigslist find.  I painted it black before I discovered chalk paint or milk paint, so it is just latex.  I love it, and it is a good size for the room, so I wouldn’t mind keeping it, but it needs a new look.  When sitting at my desk, I like facing out towards the rest of the house, so I like that this style desk can be floated in the room.  The chair is quite beat up, and not the most comfortable thing in the world.  I have an old wooden desk chair that I might paint as a replacement.

studio desk

As you can see, I am prepared for blog post writing with my glass of wine at the ready.  And here is the window that is behind me …

studio window

I made the “Inspire” banner with old pages from an atlas.

studio banner

The window is also covered simply with a vintage cut work tablecloth that is gathered in the center with my Q typewriter key bracelet.

studio window covering

I do have a few Q’s scattered around the place.

studio q

studio q ironstone

I have an old grocery counter paper dispenser that I keep filled with ribbons.  I have an idea for a different use for this though, but I’m going to keep that under wraps for now (ha, pardon the pun!).

studio ribbon dispenser

My pin board holds pictures and other random bits that I want to hang on to.  That is me in the fur hat I bought in Helsinki a few years back.  I should get that hat out, we are expecting wind chills of 35 to 40 below zero this morning.  Brrrr.  Perfect weather for starting an indoor winter project though!

studio pin board

Well, that is my studio … for now.  I think it could be so much better, and without spending very much money.  It will take a bit of paint and a bunch of time and energy, but I hope I can pull it together before spring gets here.  If you have a minute, please provide me with some motivational comments to get me going on this, OK?  Go ahead and tell me the chartreuse walls are all wrong, not me, and they need to go!  Admit that you wonder how I can even stand to live with this room.  It’s OK, I can take it.

27 thoughts on “a room of one’s own.

  1. Go for it! Start with the walls first — then it will make you want to change everything else. You’ll be so much MORE inspired in a room that’s NOT chartreuse, black & white! Good luck!


    1. You know, I have a tendency to feel like I have to do the entire room all at once, which tends to be really overwhelming. But you are right Michelle, I should just start with the walls. Good plan!


  2. Whatever calls to you…do it. You have always got another creative idea in mind…I’m sure you are already kicking around a few good ideas for the walls, etc…I absolutely love the dresser…and the black cabinet will be really, really tough to replace. Maybe just a different color for the walls (also I love it the way it is) will get you going to make more changes. Perhaps a light gray?


  3. How exciting that you can do this room anyway you want for you! After you decide on the walls the fun will begin and I can’t wait to see what you do! I would love to be able to re-do a room just for me in any color I want-jealous!


    1. You are right! I am lucky. Your comment reminds me that I really can do anything I want in there, which is pretty exciting. Now I just have to decide what I want that to be.


  4. I think black, like oriental porcelain, with Japanese style irises. Everything on your walls will really stand out. Philatelists like black pages because it really makes the stamps show in absolute contrast.

    Of course, mirrors work superbly in a black room as well…
    “Whatever may be their use in civilized societies, mirrors are essential to all violent and heroic action.”
    ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own


  5. OMG you two make me laugh! I can see Linda rolling her eyes at your suggestion. I actually did a bedroom in a similar green and black in 2005 with black furntiure and black and white fabrics. Loved it but then I went to Revere pewter by BM kinda a griege. And that could be cool. I would love to see the kitchen scale introduced in there maybe??? Definitely not so saturated too dark for you probably hmm…so are you thinking vintage or French Nordic? Are you painting all of the furniture see I have to have the whole plan in my head that I am working towards and then go bit by bit.
    Have to mention I have a parquet top dining table for a desk and like you Ihave to face into the room. Love your desk and the chalkboard door and Lulu. And dang I hope you got that awesome fur hat out and wore it today.


    1. You know, I looked it up and I painted this room in 2008, so not too far from 2005. It was a hot look then, but it sounds like we are both done with it. As for vintage or French Nordic, I am facing my usual problem. I can’t decide because I love them both. Maybe I will find a way to combine the looks somehow 😉 Oh … and I am probably going to end up painting all of the furniture, but I’m trying not to think of it that way because I get overwhelmed at the thought. As for that hat … well, I didn’t do it. Somehow it just seems over the top for my workplace. I should just do it anyway though!


  6. To be honest I never have liked that color in there. But I only have to live with it for a week or two a year. Of course if Kris and I move out there this summer, I will see it a lot more. I like the old cabinet next to the desk so I hope that is staying. Plus it holds a bunch too. Cant wait to see the room when you redo it.


  7. Don’t laugh, your walls are the same as my kitchen walls, and I still love it. I have the black accents as well. That said, my thoughts for my dream kitchen are grey, soft yellow and white…..which I think would look great with the dresser and desk. But I am not a professional, just portray one in my mind!

    PS So envious of the room!


    1. I still think it’s a great color, but it’s not working with the rest of my house anymore. I used to have a darker olive green stripe in the next room, plus pops of chartreuse accents in the rest of the rooms on the main floor. Those are all gone, and all that remains are the walls in this one room. So, now, these have got to go too!


  8. Ok! So here are my words of encouragement!! I challenge you to do your room up before Spring, as I am working on getting my together too. However…Mine is a complete disaster area as it didn’t start out as studio, so right now it is filled to the rafters with things that don’t belong in there, the walls are yellow with a Japanese wallpaper border, it’s about 12X12, but it has 2 windows and 3 doors.
    So you see, you already have a big head start!

    I don’t know about you but I work a lot better if I have the motivation of another person running on the track next to me! So what do you think???

    On Your Mark
    Get Set?????


  9. I’m surprised you’ve been able to produce such entertaining and inspiring posts while staring at those hideous walls. Just kidding! Just kidding! (except for the entertaining and inspiration part) You said you could take the tough love! Just think of the new heights you will reach once you’re surrounded by a better color…it will be Quandie to the max! Watch out world!!


  10. Well, first, a healthy pour of wine will help anyone’s creativity 😉 I love all the pieces in there, I’m sure you’ll feel extra inspired with some fresh finishes though. I love re-doing rooms and see how inexpensively I can get by. Like a challenge! Remind me to tell you about my mom’s sewing room I did! I have walls that green color as well, in my sunroom, that I can’t wait to change! Although I’m going black 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your new space, now we’re all watching, ha!


  11. excited to see what you do with your space, i am sure it will be perfect. i just moved my craft room into a new space, still a work in progress but love it so far.


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