on display.

I have been promising myself that I would get around to cleaning out my studio since early fall.  Basically it has been a disaster since last summer, but I was too busy getting ready for my October sale to deal with it.  I told myself that as soon as the sale was over, I would get around to it.  Then, I told myself as soon as I got back from my trip, I would take care of it. Then it was ‘as soon as the holidays are over, I’ll get to it.’  You see, I have a bit of a problem.  I don’t put my stuff away after I use it.

hutch with crafting supplies

Yep, true story.  It generally looks about this bad, and then every few weeks I clean it up.  Except this time it had been months and I just hadn’t found the time.

Finally last weekend, I had a full day to devote to it.  Eureka!

So with the Harry Potter marathon playing in the background, I took the time to really sort through all of my supplies.  I tried to be brutal and get rid of excess stuff (which I’m sending home with my friend Sue for her sister).  And everything that remained was organized so that I could see what I have at a glance.  I need to keep everything visible, otherwise I forget that I own it and thus never use it.  Do you have that problem too?

Since everything is on display, I like to use vintage containers to store my supplies in an attractive way.

All of my washi tapes are kept in my vintage pink toy dresser.

Washi tape stored in vintage pink toy dresser.

I use pretty vintage china for some things, like this butcher’s string.

Butchers string in vintage floral bowl.

I took the time to wind all of my vintage ribbons around some old index cards, sorted by color of course.

vintage green ribbon

Vintage enamel refrigerator boxes work great for containing stuff, while keeping it visible.

Tags in vintage enamel boxes

I labeled these using rub-on letters and they have held up quite well.  I’ve probably been using them for at least 5 years or more.

I like to use old muffin tins for sorting the small stuff, like metal clips, buttons, bingo chits and clock faces.

Vintage muffin tin

And voila, my supplies are organized and all is right with the world.

hutch after

Now I have room to create.

room 2 create

If you are wondering about my chartreuse walls … well, I am sick of them too.  I have been planning to repaint this room for a while.  I’ve also been meaning to show you the entire room.  So, just as soon as I get a sunny afternoon, I plan to get some ‘before’ shots of my studio to share with you.  Then, I plan to revamp it a bit.  Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “on display.

  1. Looks great, I have an office that suffers from “messiness” as well, there is always a reason why I can’t get it together! I had to laugh, your “old” muffin tin looks better than the one in my kitchen cabinet!


    1. Ha, that’s funny. I suspect the same might be true of my mom’s muffin tins as well. I, on the other hand, don’t really cook, so my muffin tins are 20 years old and still look brand new 😉


  2. Wow – great job organizing. I still like the color in this room…especially with the black furniture. And I never, EVER, would have even attempted to paint a room that color. Fell in love with it when it was all done and the furniture situated. You certainly have an “eye” for color and design. Kudos on the organizing!


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