and the winner is …

Turns out I really have 5 German magazines, not just 4 as I previously thought, and I am giving them all away!  So this morning before Mr. Q left for a bookbinding class, I had him help me out.

hat names

I don’t have a fancy computerized method for choosing the winners, so we’re kickin’ it old school by drawing names out of a hat.  Mr. Q can vouch for me that he drew all 5 fair and square.

hat names 2

I specifically mention that because two of the names that came out of the hat are personal friends of mine.  Seriously people.  What are the chances?  But they can thank Mr. Q, because he drew them.  And without further ado, the winners are:

Donna Rogstad, Terri Griffin, Cheryl, Becky and Vicki B!

I’ll be contacting the winners via email to get their mailing addresses.  But meanwhile, I truly wish I had enough magazines for everyone!  Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, I enjoyed all of them.  Congrats to the winners!


3 thoughts on “and the winner is …

  1. Can’t wait to see my magazine…pick out a good one for my first ever German magazine! Thank you and Mr. Q so very, very much! 🙂


  2. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!! Thanks for drawing my name Mr.Q….very much appreciated! I’m bringing the magazine (which is very, very cool – and was presented with Quandies usual “flair”) to Christmas so my two kids, who both were exchange students in Germany, can read them to me!


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