quandie’s cast of characters.

If I sometimes give the appearance of doing it all myself, you should know that in reality I have a lot of help.   With my one year blogiversary coming up soon, I thought I would officially introduce you what has become the cast of characters on q is for quandie.

First and foremost, of course, is Mr. Q.  My hubby of 25 years.  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without him. He is the brawn behind q is for quandie, helping me move furniture here and there.  He runs all over tarnation picking up craigslist buys.  He has also started doing a lot of the prep work for me; sanding and removing hardware.  He also is very understanding about my total obsession with refurbishing old stuff.  Really, he is just an all around good guy.

cast - mr q

My sis (on left, that’s me on the right).  She lives in New Jersey (bummer!), but you’ll still see her mentioned all over the place on my blog.  She is always supportive of everything I do!  She visits as often as possible, and we travel together frequently.  Thank goodness for modern technology because we can text, call, email and just basically pretend like we don’t really live way too far apart.

cast - debbie

Handyman Ken.   Several of my readers have gotten confused and think that Ken is Mr. Q a.k.a. my husband, but no, Ken lives next door.  He’s retired, so he has a little spare time on his hands for fixing stuff.  He is one of those guys who just knows how to make stuff work.  I think it’s a dying breed really.  I truly couldn’t do what I do without Ken.  He makes sure that the furniture I revamp functions the way it should.  He likes to sneak over during the day while I am at work.  Then, like magic, I come home from work to find that the furniture in my Carriage House has been magically transformed while I was off at the day job.  And best of all, he accepts payment in the form of wine!


New neighbor Karen, a.k.a. nnK.  She lives across the street from me and is my numero uno craigslist spotter.  She is always on the lookout for great pieces.  She’s also available at the drop of a hat to help me move furniture when Mr. Q isn’t home.  I can text her, and she’ll pop right over to lend a hand.  How fabulous is that?  nnK and her mom, Judy, are also there at every Carriage House Sale to help man the check out.

 cast - nnK

Sue (on left) is the other half of the Carriage House sale.  Sue and I have worked together at our day jobs for over 27 years (dear lord, how can that be possible I wonder).  We started hosting our sale together over 15 years ago and we are still going strong.  We’ve added other vendors here and there over the years, but in the end we find that we really only have enough space for stuff from just the two of us.  In the center of this picture is Sue’s sister Jan who always keeps me fortified with triscuits and cheese in a can while we garage sale! Cathy (on right) is the finder of free, or almost free stuff.  When she spots a cheap piece of furniture that she knows I can revamp, she grabs it for me every time!

mac grove crew

And finally, there is me.  The creative mastermind behind qisforquandie.com (ha!  I say that with a big smirk on my face).  My real name is Linda, in case you didn’t know.  I started this blog nearly one year ago to share my furniture makeovers with the world, or really just the very small group of people who might be interested.


So, that is my fabulous cast of characters.  Hope you’ll continue to join us for another year of adventures!

12 thoughts on “quandie’s cast of characters.

  1. I am really glad you pulled the gang together so we can put faces to names. For the record, I understood Ken was your neighbor and handyman. I now see Mr. Q was not only your full time honey and part time logistical man procuring items sometimes at far flung places as well as your staging assistant. And now he is prepping to boot -what a guy. Your “peeps” are definitely top drawer.


  2. Gosh, Linda, just last night as I was finishing a piece of furniture which took two days I was comparing my output with yours (because you are my idol, of course). Thank you for removing the burden of low self-esteem that I have been carrying since I found your blog! I knew you worked full-time and still you are spinning out great works seemingly everyday! I thought, does the woman not sleep? Is she eating an egg breakfast sandwich with one hand while sanding furniture with the other? (Actually, you have mentioned these other folks, but it is nice to know you do have some support behind you.) And, now, I can give myself a break. You always do incredible work. I think you are better than anyone else…but, that last piece you showed that Sue did was beyond the beyond. It was perfection. It was upcycled anything, it was a work of art.


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