watching the leaves fall.

Every once in a while, I allow myself a pretty extravagant luxury.  It’s one that most of us rarely have the opportunity to indulge in.  It is a full day with no plans, no to-do list, no commitments elsewhere.  24 hours of whatever I feel like doing.  I find this super hard to do, how about you?  I’d like to say that I’d spend it just sitting in my adirondack chair, wrapped in a blanket with a steaming cup of coffee, watching the leaves fall.

watching the leaves fall

But seriously, who am I kidding, I could handle that for about 5 minutes max.  Then I would have to jump up and do something.

So, it’s not really about sitting back and doing nothing for me.  It’s more about doing what I want to, with no pressure to finish something or be somewhere at a particular time.  I just go where the day takes me.

This past weekend it took me on a tour of my fall garden.

fall asters

Remember all of those beautiful yellow leaves that were on my trees last week?  Now most of them are on the ground.

fall wheelbarrow

But even though it is nearing the end of October, we’ve had a very mild fall with only a couple of near freezing temps at night.  So, there are quite a few things in the garden that are still going strong.  Like my painted fern.

fall painted fern

And the lamium and heucherella.

fall heucherella

Even the ferns in the front window box still look good, and the white mums finally opened up.

fall window box

The hydrangeas always look good into the fall.

fall hydrangea

I know many gardeners take the time now to clear out the gardens for winter, but I rarely do that.  I think the yellowing plants provide their own sort of beauty.

fall statue

Now that I have taken you on a stroll around the garden, I think I might spend a little time painting.  I have two fun projects in the works.

upcoming projects

Stay tuned to see what I do with these!

7 thoughts on “watching the leaves fall.

  1. Like you I can’t manage to sit for long with that little imp saying “but you could be tackling this or that”. I love puttering though that can be relaxing as well. I find myself wondering what color you will paint the waterfall piece look forward to seeing it’s transformation.


  2. Hi-So in love with your blog and style! Your pieces are AMAZING, wasnt sure how to contact you other than this way….would like to tell you about a new shop opening in Stillwater, we are currently in Marine on St Croix, we are moving up and looking for a few awesome vendors. Our shop is called Reclaiming Beautiful… if you are interested in more details please contact me! Thanks Susan email


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