all the world’s a stage.

I had several small farmhouse style tables for sale at my fall Carriage House sale, and none of them sold!  So sad.  I was whining to my friend Sue about this, and she suggested I stage photos of them in all of their potential incarnations and then put them on craigslist.  After all, sometimes people just need a visual.

vintage typewriter

So, when last Sunday dawned semi-bright and sunny, I decided to put Sue’s idea into action.

I started with the Boxwood table being used as a desk.  You can imagine that vintage typewriter switched out for a lap top, can’t you?

boxwood as desk

But hey, how fab would it be as a potting bench as my reader Victoria suggested?

boxwood potting bench close up

boxwood as potting bench

Another great use for a table this size?  Use it to add much needed additional counter space as a kitchen island.

boxwood kitchen collage

boxwood as kitchen island

Hey, we’re not done yet.  This table would also make a great bedside table.  If you have the space beside your bed, this is a great alternative to a traditional night stand.

boxwood as nightstand

And then of course, there is always the obvious use … as a dining table that is just the right size for two.

boxwood for dining

boxwood for dining collage

Once I had all of this done with my Boxwood table, I turned around and did it all over again with the white one.

white table collage

And then, I took a nap.

Not really.  So … how about you?  Can you think of any possibilities I missed?  What would you do with one of these tables?

17 thoughts on “all the world’s a stage.

  1. You missed a scrapbooking table, putting your Cricut on it or a sewing table. You probably don’t have props for that though. Or even a gaming table, chess set , checkers or Monopoly.


  2. And you’re drawing inspiration for titling your posts from RUSH lyrics, brilliant!
    …All the world’s indeed a stage
    And we are merely players, performers, and portrayers.
    Each another’s audience
    Inside the gilded cage. – LIMELIGHT lyrics by Neil Peart


  3. If I had room, I think one would look good in the laundry room as a folding table. I also like the kitchen island idea as well. They are both lovely and I can not believe they did not sell!


    1. Laundry room! Another great idea I hadn’t even thought of. Hey … I have a laundry room (well, really a laundry area in my slightly creepy basement) … but still, maybe I should keep the green one!


    1. More good ideas! This list really does go on forever. So versatile. That’s partly why I am so tempted to keep the green one. I can just use it in so many different ways.


  4. I just purchased a farmhouse table..I feel like I stole it..cost me $25 it’s being used as a desk for our computer..the whole family loves it!


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