a chippy stool.

A while back I picked up a stool that came complete with aged chippy paint.  I mostly loved the chippy, worn look, but I wasn’t super fond of the obvious paint drips and smudges that made it look like it belonged in someone’s workshop (like mine!  I’m definitely a messy painter).

chippy stool before

I’m talking about that big white smudge on the side of the seat.  There were several white drips and smudges elsewhere as well.

I decided to take a page out of Miss Mustard Seed’s book for this one too.  A while back she posted about a hutch she bought.  She liked the original paint, but wanted to clean it up a bit.  She just chose a color similar to the original and used it to go over areas that needed it, while leaving other areas alone.  Sounded like the perfect idea for this stool.

So I mixed up some MMS milk paint in Trophy and simply painted over all of the white spots.

chippy stool after

I didn’t sand much at all after the touch up because I found that sanding allowed the white to show through again, and I didn’t want that.  So, once the paint was dry, I just went over the chair with some dark wax.

I love the way I was able to retain the authentic shabby-ness of this stool, but yet clean it up a bit.

chippy stool

The top is perfectly worn.

chippy stool top

This stool sold to a fabulous young lady at my sale, and when I asked her what she was going to do with it she said ‘use it for a nightstand’.  Woo hoo!  The perfect answer!  It will make an awesome nightstand, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, stay tuned.  On Friday I plan to show you my dining room!

dining room stay tuned

 Sidebar:  I’ll admit, I mainly popped this photo in here because I love the new “Comic Heroes” stuff on picmonkey, which is how I added the Stay Tuned box to my photo.  I love playing around with this stuff, and I was pretty excited to see that picmonkey finally added some new options.  But, I really am going to show you my dining room on Friday, so check back!

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