size matters.

Maybe the reason I like working with the tiny furniture so much is because you can paint an entire dresser in less than five minutes.  It’s really kind of fun working in miniature.  I suppose that is only part of it though, the other reason is that I still like to play with toys.  One of these days I will have to share my dollhouse with you.  Yep, I have one.  My dad made it.  But that is for another day.  For today, I am sharing the mini-dresser.  I gave you a sneak peak of it sitting on the top of this dresser …

Dresser with Paris stencil

See how tiny it is?  Here is a close up.

tiny dresser beforeI bought this at a lunchtime garage sale for a whopping $1.  Really, who can pass that up?

I decided to paint it in a custom MMS milk paint mix.  I was going for Robins Egg blue using a recipe from Miss Mustard’s milk paint blog.  I feel like the color turned out a bit darker than I wanted.  Mr. Q tells me that this because I painted something so small, something about it tricking the eye.  On a bigger piece, this color would look lighter.  Apparently when it comes to color, size does matter!

Tiny dresser painted in MMS milk paint

It’s still a cutie though.  I added a little Tim Holtz rub-on to the top drawer.  Am I the only one here who loves Tim Holtz?  It goes back to my scrapbooking hobby.

tiny dresser

For now I decided to keep this tiny dresser.  I think it will be sweet on a shelf in my crafting room.  Plus it will be great for organizing some bits and bobs.  Next time, I must return to painting the full sized stuff though.

One last note, since we’re talking about how size matters here, I did some research into why my pictures were getting fuzzy on the blog.  I found out that something about the way that WordPress automatically re-sizes photos to fit on a blog makes them fuzzy (I’m sure there are technical details here that I am missing), but basically if you re-size the photos yourself before loading them, the fuzziness is reduced.  So, I’m giving that a try.  Hopefully I’ll see some improvement!

5 thoughts on “size matters.

  1. I love it! I actually found something similar at a flea market about a month ago and debated on whether or not to paint it, I now see that I must! Side note: It had a price of $1.98 marked in pencil on the bottom and stamp of a little shop in the Ozarks. I would say it was from the 60’s with that price.


  2. Just cute! I get your fascination with these small pieces. Loved your phrasing “bits and bobs” terribly British sounding you know. Have you seen “Salvage Hunters” with Drew Pritchard on the telly? He is from Wales,and it is an addicting show. He drives around the country meeting hoarders, collectors and country gentlemen in their “cottages” ahem more likenever ending estates. He has quite an eye like you.


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