ken’s hat.

I was chatting with my handyman/neighbor Ken the other day about vintage stuff.  He has an old portable manual typewriter that he still uses!  I was explaining that I’d love to borrow it sometime to stage a desk, and he said “would you ever want to use a Laurel & Hardy hat?”

Huh?  A Laurel & Hardy hat?  What is that?

Kens hatWell, it’s a Derby or Bowler of course!

This belonged to Ken’s grandpa.  As I love to remind Ken, he’s ‘getting up there’ himself, so I imagine his grandpa hasn’t been around to wear hats for a long time.  I googled it and read that this hat style was popular from the 1850’s through the 1920’s.

Ken's hat label

The hatbox still has the postal label on it and a C.O.D. price of $5.98.  C.O.D.  I bet there are a few of you out there that don’t even know what that is.  Cash on delivery.  Can you imagine having something sent to you this way now, where the postman has to collect the money from you?

And here is a picture of Ken’s grandpa (on the left) in the hat!

Kens grandpa

Well, I’m kind of assuming it’s the same hat.  Ken isn’t sure.  But unless his grandpa had several Bowlers, it’s probably the same hat.

Anyway, of course I told Ken that I would love to borrow this sometime to stage a dresser or armoire.

Meanwhile, I took a few photos of it and then a few more with the pink hat stand I bought at an estate sale for my friend Michelle.  Since Michelle has a millinery background, I knew she’d love a vintage pink hat stand.

hat stand 2Ken however thought the pink hat stand was ALL wrong for his granddad’s hat!

Kens hat on hat standI think it’s kind of fab, don’t you?


7 thoughts on “ken’s hat.

  1. I love this kind of stuff…and the picture was priceless. I bet $5.98 was a pretty substantial sum in those days!


  2. I agree with Ken, pink just isn’t the right color for that hat. I think it is really cool though that he still has it and its box. Loved the old photo too.


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