fairy crowns.

It is incredibly handy having a friend that is super creative and owns a fabulous shop and studio space in Stillwater.  I’m referring to my friend Michelle who owns Rose Mille.

The other night we got together for a craft night to make fairy crowns.  I brought the wine, my hot glue gun and an idea from pinterest, she provided just about everything else!

fairy crown 1

The idea for the wire and buttons came from pinterest, but Michelle thought to add the Dresden trim around the bottom.

It was awesome crafting with Michelle.  She knows lots of stuff and I learned from her.  This was not her first fairy crown.  Plus she has an excellent eye.  Here is her crown.

fairy crown michelle

While we were playing anyway, we also decided to make some fairy wands using some of Michelle’s supplies and her fabulous German glass glitter in black (which you can order on her website, here).

fairy wand close up

I was originally hoping the crown would work for the gargoyle, but it was a bit too large for him.

fairy crown gargoyle

I also tried it on Cossetta and on my buddha.  No dice.

fairy crown collage

But truthfully, this crown wouldn’t hold up outside anyway.

For now I think that Lulu will sport the crown.

fairy crown on lula


12 thoughts on “fairy crowns.

  1. Hi! Love them! I just went on her website and saw the Dresden trim, but it was gold. Did you paint it? Wire too?
    Thanks so much!


    1. When you click on the gold ‘Baroque Border’ Dresden trim and go to the next screen there is a drop down box with all the different colors. Lots of colors to choose from! We did paint the wire black though.


  2. I love love the gargoyle with the crown! You have inspired my next treasure hunt to be for a similar gargoyle.. maybe you’ll start selling your crowns? 😉


    1. I hadn’t really thought of selling them. I’ll put that thought in the back of my mind to consider some time. I hope you find a fab gargoyle. Every garden should have at least one!


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