Sue’s pop up vintage sale.

Are you headed up north for the holiday weekend?  Maybe to your lake home?  or your cabin in the woods?

If so, lucky you!  If not, you are also in luck because Sue is having a pop up vintage sale!

On a whim she decided to host a small sale at her house in her fabulous dining room … you remember her fabulous dining room right?

dining room (2)Well, now you have a chance to see it up close and personal with the added benefit of lots of lovely things for sale.

And I am guessing that you could easily take a quick spin around her garden in the back and she wouldn’t mind.

Need some ironstone?

whitesMaybe some white platters?

white platters

Or perhaps some fabulous vintage linens?


This floral oil painting is simply gorgeous (please squint a little to try and ignore the reflection of me in my striped jacket taking this photo!)


There is some black to punctuate all of the white (and oh no, more of my stripes, clearly this was a bad clothing choice for taking photos).

black and white

And some lovely florals.


I even saw this guy poking his head out from a pile of stuff for sale.

family room wings

The main reason Sue decided to have this sale was to offer up some of her gorgeous china.  The pieces are priced individually, so if you don’t want a whole set, but just some gorgeous plates to eat dinner on … or maybe a lovely set of dishes for serving just dessert, then this is perfect for you.  And omg, you can even see those stripes reflected in the platter!  Good gracious.


There are several lovely patterns to choose from.  Wouldn’t that small bowl be perfect on your dressing table to hold your bracelets?


 So, if you’ll be in town this weekend why not plan to swing by Sue’s house on Saturday morning?  I’m sure you’ll find something lovely to add to your home, and if nothing else just being near Sue’s gorgeous gardens and lovely home will inspire you!

Here are the details:

Sue's vintage sale

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