There was a quiet little holiday weekend neighborhood sale in Minneapolis yesterday.  The Armitage and Kenny neighborhoods combined forces and there were about 45 houses participating.

It was a gorgeous morning, and because of the holiday there wasn’t much traffic or competition for the good stuff.

Although I didn’t fill up the truck, I did come home with some great stuff.

Armatage 1The blue motel chairs are perfectly chippy and fabulous.

I will paint the blue suitcase and the little wonky stool in front.  The vintage desk lamp will be great in future desk photo shoots.

Armitage 2

I found a fun old Spartus 35 F camera, a fabulous old movie camera and some great vintage gardening books.

Armitage 3

I’ve been adding stencils to old breadboards, and I found 3 good ones!

I’m hoping the glass shade will fit on a fixture I already have.

The chenille bedspread is a new reproduction (Martha Stewart in fact), and it is in great shape.  It’s always good to have extra white bedding.

We were home just a little after noon, and I already slapped some paint on the little stool.  First a coat of MMSMP in Flow Blue, followed by a thick coat of MMSMP in Eulalie’s Sky.  I wanted it to look chippy and old.

armitage stool

I popped it into the garden and took a couple of quick photos.  That host in the front is June.  I’m not sure what the little plant with the purple flowers is, I bought it at a garage sale!  Naturally.  It’s really looking gorgeous this year, covered in those purple flowers.  It will re-bloom later in the summer, but it won’t be as full of flowers as it is now.  Does anyone know what that is?

Can I mention that in the last week or so the garden has just popped?!  Stuff is up and blooming and looking fantastic.  I always love this time of year in the garden, before the slugs start eating the hostas, or a huge hail storm turns everything raggedy.  The fresh growth is pristine and beautiful.  Maybe I’ll have to take some more photos to share with all of you.

I staged the chippy stool with my new vintage garden books, and a fab vintage garden tool that I picked up at the estate sale while playing hooky.

armitage booksI’m sure most of these items will make their way to the Carriage House Sale!

11 thoughts on “armitage/kenny.

  1. Love the stool! And I’ve got an answer for your mystery flower — it’s a Vinca! If the edges of the leaves are hairy or fuzzy, it’s a vinca major; if smooth, vinca minor. The plant is sometimes called periwinkle as well. We had it growing in our yard in Missouri and I always loved it as a ground cover.


    1. I was pretty sure it wasn’t perennial vinca, because it’s tall (maybe a foot tall or so) and very upright, not a trailing/creeping groundcover type plant. The flowers sure look like it, but the plant itself doesn’t. Are there non-trailing, upright vincas that are perennial?


  2. Do you find that the final coat of milk paint is changed because of the first coat in a different color? You did say you put the second coat on thick so it probably isn’t that translucent. Thank you, if you answer. I thought it was vinca, too, but didn’t know about major and minor. Interesting. All your finds are heart-stopping exciting for garage sales.


    1. I think the final coat of milkpaint can be affected by the color under it. I usually do 2 coats of the topcoat (and sometimes even more), as well as making it thicker though at that usually covers pretty well. Especially if I’m using a lighter color, which I always seem to be doing. I seem to have a thing for white on top of dark.


  3. You didn’t mention the cloche in the picture…I am officially obsessed with them and search them out whenever I am out shopping.


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