vintage dresser.

I was planning to paint the dresser from Bryn Mawr in MMSMP in Luckett’s Green.  Truly.  I was.

But somehow when my hand went into the box to grab the paint, it came out with Eulalie’s Sky instead.  And as soon as I saw the label, I realized that this was the perfect choice for it.

vintage dresser
Granted, it would have been lovely in Luckett’s as well I think.

I tried to think of a clever name for this one, and all I could come up with was ‘vintage’.  After all, to me this is the quintessential vintage color.  It just screams vintage.  So I went with it.

vintage dresser 3I find the MMS milk paint tends to be slightly transparent, especially the lighter colors.  As a result, I think the final color depends on what is underneath it sometimes.  In this case, you’ll remember that this dresser was rather orange.

vintage dresser beforeSo I think the Eulalie’s Sky went more towards the green side of aqua this time.  Sometimes the Eulalie’s Sky looks more blue to me.

I also have to tell you that it took 4 coats to cover this one sufficiently.  That orangey stain was hard to cover up.  I probably should have mixed my paint a little thicker to compensate.  In addition, I got almost no chipping.  I’m OK with that, but in the end, I think I could have gotten this same effect with chalk paint in less coats.  I finished this dresser with clear paste wax.

vintage dresser 1

 This one came with all of its hardware intact, and I am sure glad it did because look how pretty the drawer pulls are.  I just cleaned them up a little by rubbing them with paste wax.

vintage dresser pull

I haven’t decided on the ultimate fate for this dresser.  I may hang on to it for the Carriage House sale, or I may just go ahead and list it on craigslist.  It kind of depends on how much space I have to store it.

2014 spring blog13

As always, if anyone is interested in purchasing it, please leave me a comment.  Woops, you missed it, this one is SOLD!

16 thoughts on “vintage dresser.

  1. It looks fantastic! Usually I think honey or warm brown, but that finish is pumpkin. I like the hardware too. When is your carriage house sale in June?


    1. The Carriage House sale will be Thursday, June 12 from 5 pm to 8 pm and Friday, June 13 from 9 am to 2 pm. I will also tell you that the majority of the good stuff goes on Thursday evening and it can be a madhouse! In a fun, madhouse sort of way 😉


  2. Perfect color choice – as always. I’m kind of surprised it didn’t have more “chippiness” but it still looks great! Wish I had enough room for more furniture, I’d buy this one up in a snap….


  3. Gee this is just pretty – love that color and for some reason this style of dresser really appeals to me. I seriously doubt it will make it to the carriage sale. So how are the furniture painting classes going?


    1. You are right, it won’t make it to the sale, it’s already SOLD! This might be a record for fastest sale ever. As for the painting classes, hmmmm, well, so-so. I am done with them for now because Lori (owner of shop) has decided to not hold any during the summer. Her barn is not air-conditioned, and really, because our summers are so short here in MN, we tend to not want to spend them indoors at a painting class. I hope to start them up again in the fall.


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