sunny side table.

I picked up this sweet little table at the Bryn Mawr garage sales and decided it would be lovely in a sunny yellow.  This is MMSMP in Mustard Seed Yellow mixed with a little Linen.  I didn’t exactly measure, which is kind of how I usually cook too.

Sunny side table by

It got nicely chippy.  Not too much, but enough to look properly vintage.
Sunny side table by

I debated adding the stencil.  I have to confess, I hesitated because I overheard someone at Junk Bonanza say “I wish everything didn’t say Paris on it!”  Has this ever happened to you?  It made me question my use … or overuse? … of stencils.  But in the end I decided that my furniture doesn’t have to please everyone.  I love the stencils, so I will keep on using them.  So there.

Sunny side table by
It’s just a sweet little sunny side table.

Sunny side table by

The perfect shade of yellow for my chintzware teapot.

This one will be part of the inventory for my summer Carriage House Sale.

8 thoughts on “sunny side table.

  1. sweet is the perfect word to decide the little table and the yellow suits her perfectly -occasionally I second guess the direction I am taking for a project I spend copious amounts of time in indecision to get it perfect- wise words “it doesn’t have to please everyone” ! I need this tattooed on my brain! I do hope you are keeping the teapot?


  2. I still want this table. Can we arrange something this weekend? I bought a darling vintage child’s rocking chair for you at garage sale yesterday. It was $2.50, my treat. But your neighbor Ken will have to add one piece of board on back. I know you will do wonders with this cute piece!!


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