mind the gap.

I confess that I adore all things European.  I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to Europe  a few times, and each time I go I decide that I love another city the best.  Our last trip was to Prague, which was completely charming and lovely.

Prague collageBut I have gotten off track … I meant to say that London is one of my favorite cities.  The museums!  The flowers!  The history!  The theatres!  The shopping!  All fabulous.

mind the gap 2

Unfortunately, I haven’t been there since I made the switch to digital photography, so I don’t have any fab pics to share with you.  I didn’t actually use the camera and guidebook in this photo though, it wasn’t that long ago!

  Anyway, in honor of all things Anglo, let me present …

mind the gap 1

 A little grey on grey Union Jack action.

Boring details:  painted with MMS milk paint in Trophy.  However, if any of you have ever tried to use tape on milk paint, you know that they don’t mix.  So, I added bonding agent to the Trophy just in the rectangular section that became the Union Jack.  I wanted the rest of the dresser to chip and distress, but I didn’t want to pull the paint off with tape while adding my flag.  I will warn you that even with the bonding agent, I lost some chunks of paint.  I also peeled the tape off very, very carefully.  The white is latex, and the pale grey on top is a mix of the white latex and the Trophy with bonding agent.  I won’t continue to bore you with the details of painting the jack, let’s just say that far too much Frog tape went into my local landfill after this.

But … in the end, here is a fun Union Jack that I think is unique amongst its peers.

mind the gap collage

I have done a few Union Jack pieces in my day.  Every time I do one I say ‘never again’.  I find them very time consuming, and I’m never entirely happy with my results.  I always think I could have done this or that better.  I did do a pair of end tables that turned out quite nice, and my friend Cathy has them in her family room now.


I also have done a few pieces in the traditional red, white and blue.

Union jack collage 2

In fact, I even painted a small writing desk for my husband’s study with the U.J.  You know I love it when I keep one for myself!

But, I won’t be keeping this guy.  He is headed for Junk Bonanza.

mind the gap 3

7 thoughts on “mind the gap.

    1. I’m sending the hubby out tomorrow to pick up another really unique dresser that the seller says is from the 1920’s. Stay tuned. I’m sure you’ll see it here on the blog soon!


  1. I have pinned several of these Union Jack pieces. I am smitten with the look myself. I love your color palette choices too! Think the end tables are smashing. Ok show us the hubbies desk too? Pretty please…. I think I just showed my age there. Nobody but nobody says “pretty please” any more do they? So now for the senile reader in the group have you given the date for Junk Bonanza? Just in case I decided to drop in. Maybe I can get my Montana buddie to meet me there.
    And this one’s name is Mind the Gap or have you stopped naming your little critters.


    1. I think our ages are in the same vicinity. I’ve been known to add “with sugar on top” to “pretty please” myself. Well … to show you the hubby’s desk, I’d have to unearth it from the mound of stuff that he has on top of it. And then I’d have to put the drawer pulls back on, because I stole some of them for another piece once and I never put them all back on. LOL. Terrible. Junk Bonanza is April 10 – 12. It would be well worth the trip. At least I think so. Of course, you never know what kind of weather we’ll be having … this weekend they are predicting 6 – 10″ of snow now. Sigh. I’m sure spring will get here eventually. Yes … this one is called ‘mind the gap’, because that warning just sounds so very British to me.


      1. Of course it’s a British saying duh missed that. Oh shucks I was hoping Junk Bonanza was in June. A great time to escape the ensuing heat here. And all my clients go live in the beach homes for the summer. I see I actually missed that explanation in an earlier post. Timing is not going to work this year. And it was 70 here today I cannot take anymore winter. Ah you desecrated hubbie’s desk to redeemed another. I see how you are my friend. Ha! Ha!


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