the real McCoy.

I collect vintage pottery.  You may have already noticed that from the pictures of my living room.  I used to collect any I could find, but now I have limited myself to white and aqua vases.  But sometimes I can’t resist a planter too, if it’s the right color.

I like the ones that have a definite art deco feel to them.

mccoy 2And I love the ones that have a little texture to them.

mccoy 1McCoy, Haeger, doesn’t matter to me.

mccoy 3Most of mine have come from garage sales.  Occasionally I find them at antique shops, but they are usually priced too high for me there.  Sometimes I even get my friends to dig them out of the neighbor’s yard (right nnK?).  My friend Sue has an eagle eye for these things.  She collects white, but she’ll pass the aqua ones on to me.

The tall aqua vase here is a Haeger.

mccoy 4I don’t care about a few chips and dings.  I’ll face that side to the back.

mccoy 5I’m looking forward to summer when I can actually put some flowers in these.  Pink peonies look especially nice in them.  Maybe I’ll have enough tulips this spring to fill a large vase.  Spring will be here soon, right?


2 thoughts on “the real McCoy.

  1. This aqua green pottery in the last picture has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I once had 14 pieces that was made up of Scottie, Cocker Spaniel, cows, cat, and duck planters, The other colors are just as wonderful, but I think I like that color because it reminds me of my Grandmothers Jadite dishes (all from the days when she rented a space in a Woolworths and ran what was called a “Counter” in those days). Gosh, these colors, shapes and textures are beautiful. Your photographs are fabulous. They would make an awesome display hung on a kitchen wall if one didn’t have the real thing.


    1. Thanks Ginene! I had to laugh after putting this post together though because I have about 30 pieces in my collection, yet somehow all the best pictures were of the same 3 or 4 vases. Clearly my favorites. So it sounds like antiques run in your family. I had no idea that one could rent a space in a Woolworths back in the day, what a fun tidbit of history.


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