the jonas brothers.

No, not those Jonas brothers.  If you expected to find some handsome pop singers here, sorry for the disappointment, but I’m talking about these handsome Jonas brothers.

jonas bros. collage

I purchased the Jonas stencil via Etsy from Euro Stencil Designs.  It was $38 plus shipping, and has been worth every penny.  I’ve used it on a bazillion things.  I even used it on this year’s Christmas wrapping.

jonas package

I did three dressers with this stencil last summer, and they were super popular.  Probably nearly as popular as the band!

I started with this one.  I painted him using homemade chalk paint.  Have you read about this?  It’s easy to make.  Just mix equal parts warm water and plaster of paris until smooth, then add about two to three times as much satin paint.  I don’t measure, but I have a good feel for the consistency I’m looking for.  I don’t know what it is about adding the plaster of paris to the paint, but somehow it just goes on smoothly, dries more quickly, sticks to the furniture better, and distresses more easily.  I usually finish the piece off with paste wax when I use this paint, as I did in this case.  The original hardware was all intact on this guy and I prefer to keep it when that is the case.

Jonas 2 brightNext I painted this one using the same technique.  This one was missing some hardware though, so I switched it all out for some vintage black glass knobs.  I love the way the stencil fit perfectly inside the scrolls carved into the drawer fronts.

jonas bros 2 closeup

And finally, this one.  Same painting technique, and this time I saved some original hardware but had to add some black glass knobs as well.  I wish I’d had all the original drawers pulls as they are the prettiest silver, but no such luck.

jonas bros. 3

The latest Jonas project is book painting.  I saw this on pinterest and thought I’d give it a try.  I think these are turning out fab.  I’ll be selling them at the Round Barn and possibly at my own occasional sale in June as well.


5 thoughts on “the jonas brothers.

  1. Love your furniture pieces here but was blown away by how great those books look. Genius! You have a terrific sense of what a piece of furniture needs to update it and yet make it look like that was what it should have looked like all along. Great job. I like using stencils and have found some great ones at The Stencil Library but am always on the lookout for another source and original ideas.


    1. Yes. I painted the books using MMS milk paint in “typewriter”, then added stencil. When dry, I sanded them slightly. I am planning to experiment with just using some basic black latex paint though, or maybe some chalkboard paint. We’ll see how that works out.


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