one down.

One room down, one to go in project ‘domino effect’.

piano room collage

The piano room is done.  And by done, I mean painted and decorated.  There was a lot of trim to paint in this room with the bay window.  I’m relieved to have it finished, and totally procrastinating on starting the next.

piano roomThis picture shows that my ceiling is a pale aqua.  If you’ve been debating painting your ceilings a color, I want to encourage you to go for it.  I love my painted ceilings and it’s not too hard to accomplish with an extender pole for your roller.

As you can see, I have opted for no window treatments.  For now.  I never closed the blinds in this room except on very hot days to keep it cool.  Since that isn’t a problem at the moment, I’m going to live with the windows bare and see how I like it.

The picture above is the view from standing in the living room.  That is my kitchen just beyond.

To the right, you’ll find the oak buffet and another archway leading to my office/crafting room.

piano room hutch

I’m very happy with the end results.  I really like how much lighter the room is.  Seeing this room completed is motivation to start the living room.  But first, I think I need a nap.

piano room corner

6 thoughts on “one down.

    1. Oh my gosh … good memory Valerie!

      Yep, I did make that stained glass window. There was just plain glass in that spot when we bought the house, but I’m pretty sure there must have originally been stained glass there. It was calling out for it, so I took some classes and made one. I always meant to make another one for a window at the bottom of my stairway too, but never did. Now my mother-in-law does some pretty fab stained glass work … I wonder if I can convince her to make one for that spot.


    1. Thanks so much Ginene! I’m happy to share the ceiling paint color, but it’s a Hirshfield’s color. I’m not sure if Hirschfield’s is just in Minnesota, or other areas as well. The color is called “Favored One” (0455). I have this color in several places … my ceilings, my front porch walls and ceiling and my stairway walls because I just love that it is a subtle dreamy aqua/blue that isn’t overwhelming.


      1. I couldn’t find a place on the web site to order on line and the closest store is 250 miles away. But, I order paint on-line all the time…so where there is a will there is a way! Thanks much.


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