the long weekend.

One thing you should know about me, I have a day job.  As an accountant.  For the government.  There.  I said it.  All this means to you is that I have to let my creativity out in other arenas.

Every once in a while, I get a break from the day job in the form of a long holiday weekend.  Four whole days in a row for Thanksgiving!  I give thanks for them.

I gave myself a challenging to-do list for this long weekend.  Here it is:  put up Christmas decorations, paint hutch to be sold at Round Barn, start a blog and paint the oak buffet.  Here is it Sunday morning, and is it all done?  Almost.  I may not quite get the hutch finished, but it’s nearly there.  Everything else is checked off the list.

More on the other items soon, but let’s start with the oak buffet.  My aunt gave me this piece many years ago along with a Swedish spoon carved cupboard and a firm “DON’T paint them!”  So, for quite some time I didn’t.  Then one day I realized that I was living with pieces in my house that weren’t ‘me’ just because someone else didn’t think ‘real’ furniture should be painted.  How long is the statute of limitations on such things anyway?  I had even relegated the poor spoon carved cupboard to storage because it just wasn’t right for my house.  I was considering selling the oak buffet and replacing it with some other painted piece, when I realized how silly that was.  Whoever bought it from me could just as easily turn around and paint it!  Isn’t it better to paint it myself and keep it as a reminder of my aunt?  I say YES!

the oak buffet.
the oak buffet.

Thanks to the wonders of Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint, I was able to finish this project in a day.  With milk paint there is little prep required.  I removed the knobs and gave just a light sanding to all of the flat surfaces (because I didn’t want excessive chipping there).  I mixed up some Kitchen Scale, and slapped it on.  It dries so quickly that I could put a second coat on within an hour or so.  Once it was dry, I lightly sanded the whole thing.  It chipped in all the right places (mostly where I didn’t pre-sand) all by itself.  I finished by applying a coat of hemp oil (while watching Hitchcock’s The Birds in the background.)

Et voila.  The oak buffet is transformed!  And I love it.

the oak buffet.
the oak buffet.

P.S.  The fab ink and watercolor drawings hanging on the wall above the buffet were done by my grandfather on the same side of the family.  Consider this area an homage to my paternal side.

11 thoughts on “the long weekend.

  1. the painting were painted by your grandfather? did i know this? i must’ve known this.
    Clearly, the creativity runs in the family.
    Linda may be an accountant, but Quandie’s got a flare for artistry and sass.
    I like her! F is for Fab.

    xo J.


  2. Beautiful piece! Love MMSMP paint and Kitchen Scale was an excellent choice for this piece. You did a fabulous job and I am sure your aunt is happy with how you made it so beautiful to fit your style.


  3. I absolutely, unequivocally agree with your sentiments! The piece is lovely and I’m so glad you now can display it as a reminder of someone you love.


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