grain sack stockings.

I recently did some searching on Etsy for Christmas stockings made out of authentic grain sacks.  There are some fabulous examples out there, that’s for sure.  The authentic ones seem to range in price from $50 to $100 or more each.  I don’t doubt that they are worth every penny.

But if you want a similar look at a more affordable price point, I suggest making your own with drop cloth fabric and paint.

It helps if you can sew, or you have a friend who is willing to sew for you.  By now you all know that I can’t sew.  However, my friend/picker Sue was happy to sew up some stockings for me.  I washed up the drop cloth first so it would be more pliable, and then she took it from there.

They are just basic stocking shapes, but Sue also lined them with some simple cotton fabric.

She made a prototype first out of a linen fabric she had on hand, and then went on to make four of the drop cloth versions.

I decided to use the prototype to help me decide what color of paint to use.  I was thinking it might be more Christmas-y to have a red grain sack stripe, so I pulled out a grain sack stripe stencil and used some of Dixie Belle’s Honky Tonk Red to add it to the prototype.

Here’s a quick bit of advice, if you think you’ll stencil lots of grain sack stripes in your lifetime then a stencil like this is totally worth the money.  It’s so much faster than taping off all of those lines, and you don’t have to fill up the landfill with tape.  Don’t worry if your stencil isn’t as long as your item, it’s easy to just line it up and continuing stenciling the length of your piece.  I can’t remember where I got mine anymore, but you can find them out there.  JRV Stencils has a nice set of three for $22.95.

Next I pulled out my set of 4 German grain sack stencils from Ellen J Goods.

I chose one and added it over the red grain sack stripes using Dixie Belle’s Caviar.

Then I hemmed and hawed and dithered and tried to make up my mind whether or not to use the red on the four drop cloth stockings.

I mean, I like it.  It certainly adds a bit of traditional Christmas color.  But when it came down to it, I just knew that I would prefer a more neutral look.

So instead of red grain sack stripes, I opted for Dixie Belle’s French Linen for the stripes which gave me a much more neutral look.

I used one of each of the four German grain sack stencils on each stocking.

Now I realize that I should have asked Sue to make a bunch more of these for me, so that I could sell some and also keep some for myself.

So I checked with her and she’s willing to make more for me, so I took this set of four into the shop to sell earlier this week.  If any of you locals are interested, you can pop into Reclaiming Beautiful in Stillwater this weekend to see if they are still there.  Or, leave a comment and let me know.  I will be making more of them.

These stockings might not be made out of authentic antique grain sack, but I think they look pretty fabulous.

What do you think?

Before I let you go today, I just had to share this with you.  Remember the vintage ‘Cooky Book’ that I shared along with the rest of the baking supplies on Monday?

Well, in another Baader-Meinhof moment while out shopping the next day I came across this in a local gift shop (Patina, if any of you locals want to go look for it).

Apparently they re-issued it!  There was a sticker on one of them that said “the original 1963 classic version”.  I didn’t look at the price, but I’m betting it was not the $1.95 on the sticker on my book.

Thank you to Ellen J Goods for providing the German grain sack stencils and to Dixie Belle Paint Co for supplying the paint used on these stockings.  And a huge thank you to Sue for sewing them up for me!

35 thoughts on “grain sack stockings.

  1. The stockings are fabulous!! I agree with you. I like the more neutral ones. I bet that you will sell a lot of them. Perfect gift for anyone. ❤️


  2. Linda,
    This is such a funny coincidence! Yesterday I drew a stocking for a pattern. I have Ellen j good’s stencils. I bought them for “grain sack” pumpkins. So great minds 😂 and all! I love yours! Wish I could send you pictures of my pumpkins, I can’t figure out how to post. Any way you are so talented and creative!
    Smiles, alice


    1. You can email them to me (, or message me on Facebook. I’d love to see your pumpkins. I was hoping to do some myself, but the season sort of flew past before I could get to it.


  3. FABULOUS! I also like the neutral ones best, but having one with red might make it into my “mostly red” theme this year. Love the entire idea and execution! Thank you (and Sue) for the inspiration!


  4. Love the stockings – both styles! I love the original grainsack ones, but have priced them too on Etsy and I think yours are pretty fab too!


  5. I was sure I was going to like the red stocking best…but no, the neutral ones stole my heart! I also have to comment on the “Cooky” book. We received one for a wedding gift – 44 years ago this month (boy, I’m old!). Still use it to this day!! I so look forward to your posts!


    1. After seeing this post, my bff also told me she has the Cooky book and her copy is filled with notes from over the years. It must have been a very popular cookbook!


  6. Hi Linda..your stockings turned out wonderful! Do you know what you will be asking for them…I love the natural looking striped one…I do live out of state, if you think you would want to mail them out…your so talented…all you ever do turns out amazing..thank you..Linda B.


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