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A while back the people at wallcutz reached out and asked if I’d be interested in having them sponsor another post here on q is for quandie.  It was easy to say yes.  After all, I have purchased quite a number of their stencils in the past, and done many projects with them here on the blog.  But they were offering to send me another one, so I was hardly going to say no to that.

I’m still working on that new project, but in the meantime I thought this would be a good time to share some of my past Christmas projects created with wallcutz stencils.  OK, I know, it’s only October.  Way too early for Christmas!  But I also know that a lot of you sell your creations either in a shop, or at market events, or even online.  If so, then much like me, you’re probably already starting to work on holiday inventory.  If you’re planning some stenciling projects, you want to get those stencils ordered and have them available when you’re ready to start painting.  Shipping takes 2 to 7 days (and is currently free if you spend over $50), and I’ve found that they always ship my orders promptly.  Still, you don’t want to wait until the last minute.

I think my absolute favorite wallcutz stencil is the Rudolph & Co Reindeer Treats stencil.

I have this one in two sizes, and speaking of that, one of the things I really like about Wallcutz is that you can order their designs in multiple sizes.  This one comes in 7 different sizes ranging from 12″ wide to 29″ wide.  So when you’re turning a footboard into a sign, you can get a stencil that is big enough to not get lost on it.  And if you are working on smaller projects, you can get a stencil that fits those as well.

I’ve used the smaller version of this stencil when creating my own Christmas wrap …

on this antique grain shovel …

and also on this toy wooden truck.

Another of my faves is the North Pole stencil.

It was perfect on this painted suitcase …

and I also used it to create a craft paper scroll.

The Milk and Cookies Gingerbread Man stencil is a great choice if your project is more square rather than rectangular.  It was adorable on this pair of kid sized chairs.

I tried it two different ways, a colorful red and green version …

and a more monochromatic version.

I masked off the border and the gingerbread man with painters tape and then used this one on some Christmas wrap as well.

I’m planning to paint up a few more cupboard door signs for Christmas this year, like this one with the wallcutz Polar Express Train Depot stencil.

Stencils are a great choice for those of us who create multiple similar items for resale since you can use them over and over again making the cost per use incredibly affordable.  But even if you’re just working on a project for yourself, I find the wallcutz stencils reasonably priced.  Even the largest version of that Polar Express stencil, which is 20″ high x 11″ wide, is only $20.75.

So tell me, are you already thinking about Christmas projects like me?  Or are you rolling your eyes and thinking ‘it’s way too early for this!’?  And which of the above projects is your favorite?  Leave a comment and let me know!

23 thoughts on “sponsored by wallcutz.

  1. I enjoy all of your stencil projects! Looking forward to “the rest of the story”. My imagination seems to have left the building 😉.
    Smiles, alice


  2. I got their stencils after seeing your posts Linda, so they definitely know how to market to the right audience 🙂 North Pole is my fav so far, and i’m still debating on getting the one with skates after seeing your outdoor sign earlier. Love all of your creations Linda!!! You are always my #1 source for inspiration – thank you for sharing!


  3. Love the Christmas stencil projects, and it is definitely not too soon to start planning if you sell them. Your shovel turned out so cool! I have looked for something similar but no luck yet. I love the sleds you stencil also. Thanks for all of the inspiration!


  4. I like all of these Christmas stencils, but the Milk & Cookies and the Rudolph & Co are probably my favorites. But you really can’t go wrong with any of these! Love the way you use the stencils on various items. I don’t think it is too early to work on Christmas items – whether for sale or for your own decorating. Your creations are always so inspiring and give me the itch to start on a project for myself!


  5. I’m with you I’m already starting on Christmas projects:) I love all of the stencils…can’t pick a favorite. I would appreciate knowing how you clean your stencils and what ur brush of choice is? Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration 🙂


    1. Ah … right … cleaning them. Hmmmm. OK. Well, to be honest, I often don’t bother because I’m a little lazy that way. But they definitely don’t last as long if you don’t clean them. I tell you what, I’ll address this in my next wallcutz sponsored post which will be coming up next week.


      1. Ooops … and as for the brush, I have been using Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Brush for stenciling lately and I love it. It’s big though, so if you need a brush for a more detailed stencil this one might not be best. I have yet to find a smaller stencil brush that I like well enough to recommend it here on the blog. If anyone else knows of one, I’m all ears!


  6. I love love love every one of your Christmas projects! Especially the old sleds, treasure that doesn’t exist in my area! If I was a seller, buying a bunch of these awesome stencils would make sense! 😍


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