what’s in your stocking?

My sister picked up a bunch of plain white linen-ish Christmas stockings for me at an after Christmas sale last year … or maybe it was the year before … I’m not sure, they all start to blend together when you reach a certain age, am I right?

I’d really forgotten all about them until I was pulling out a few other holiday projects this year and there they were.

So I decided to change them up a bit and see if they would sell at the shop.  I started by removing the red yarn balls that hung from the top (you can’t really see them well in the ‘before’ photo) because I wanted a more neutral, monochromatic look.  Then I pulled out my mini-stencils from JRV Stencil Co.

These were the perfect size to give these stockings a ‘grain sack’ style look.

Now, I have a confession to make.  Sometimes I get lazy, and this is one of those times.  I was going to put a grain sack stripe on each stocking, but I decided to skip it.  I have a grain sack stripe stencil (say that 10 times fast!), but it was just a tad too short for these.  That meant I would have had to tape all of the grain sack lines and that would have been time consuming.

So instead I just added the JRV stencils on their own.

I used Dixie Belle’s Gravel Road paint for all of the stenciling.

Whenever stenciling on fabric, you’ll get a more crisp result if you have a nice hard surface behind your fabric.  In addition, if you’re stenciling over something with two layers of fabric like these stockings, or a pillow cover for example, be sure to place a barrier between the two layers so that your paint doesn’t bleed through to the back layer.

For my stockings, I used an old chunk of wood that I also use to test paint colors on.

I just tucked it inside and that gave me a nice hard, flat surface for stenciling.

I also used that re.design with prima stencil brush shown above.  The 2″ diameter of this brush makes stenciling go much faster than using a smaller brush.  I did look around online to see if I could find this brush available for sale and I did find it for around $40.  That’s pretty steep unless you do a fair amount of stenciling.  But if you do, I’d say it’s definitely worth it.  Search for ‘redesign with prima 2″ round stencil brush’ if you’re looking for it.

In my opinion, these particular stockings are a bit too small to be functional as actual Christmas stockings.  In other words, Santa could only fit a few small things inside and in general you want to encourage Santa to bring you a few bigger things, am I right?  But I think they are well suited as just decoration.

So I added some greens and some old photos to one pair and hung them on my old ladder.

And this next pair contains greens and some bleached bottle brush trees.

I had fun playing around with different ideas for filling the stockings.

The sky is the limit.

I can picture these all hung along a stairway railing, can’t you?

Gosh, now I’m tempted to keep them after all.  Maybe I’ll just keep a pair of them, but sell the rest.  I can’t keep all of the things, right?

So tell me, what’s in your stocking?

21 thoughts on “what’s in your stocking?

  1. Clever of Deb to get these for you – if anyone can make them beautiful, it’s you. Love the simplicity of them. They could be hung anywhere in the home too, so very versatile. Another great job…🎄


  2. I love them!! They are adorable. You could even use them in your Christmas tree for a decoration. Those stockings are fantastic! 😊


    1. That would be awesome, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I don’t think I’m going to put up a tree this year. I’m kind of tired of my silver tree, and I don’t want to shop for a replacement. I think I’ll focus on other decorations this year.


  3. I didn’t like them at first but after decorating them inside with greens and the little do dads. I think they are now a really nice decoration. Would look great hanging down a stairway railing. Too bad I don’t have one.


    1. Well, I don’t count the tabletop tree as … you know … THE tree. I do already have one of those, and it’s already lit up and adding a little ambiance to our dark winter nights 😉


  4. Linda, i love your blog – it’s so inspirational! And i love.love,love your Holiday posts – so many wonderful ideas!!! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Stockings turned out very cute!


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