thin ice.

Do we all feel a little bit like we are on thin ice these days?  Some days watching/listening to the news is just too much.  I’ve started taking a break from it all on the weekends.  From the time I leave work on Friday until I return on Monday, I avoid the news.

I work on my painting projects, I listen to music, we stream TV or movies, we have my sister and niece over for game nights, and we just generally try to forget about all of the chaos that seems to be happening in the world right now.

I have to face reality again every Monday when I go back to work, but for a couple of days each week I enjoy a little peace and quiet while I paint things.

Speaking of thin ice, I just love the look of vintage ice skates, how about you?

My friend Sue sold that pair shown above at one of our Carriage House sales back in the day.

Unfortunately, I don’t often find really awesome vintage skates at garage sales, but I can usually pick up less attractive old skates for only a few dollars.  In fact, I think I paid $2 for this pair last summer.

They aren’t much to look at ‘as is’, but I knew I could dress them up.

A few years ago I painted a similarly grungy pair of skates pink.

And last year, rather than painting, I just added a with prima transfer to this pair of skates …

This time around I decided to do both, paint and transfer.

I started out by removing the laces and soaking them in some OxyClean.  While they were soaking, I painted the skates in Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth.

I didn’t want to use sandpaper on them because I didn’t want to remove too much paint, but I did want to smooth out the surface so I used the Dixie Belle Finishing Pad to buff them, which worked perfectly.

I then wiped away any dust and applied some left over bits from prima’s Violet Hill transfer.

I definitely don’t aim for perfection when doing this.  I try to place the bits and pieces in a way that looks purposeful and follows the line of the ice skates.

Whenever you are applying a transfer to a non-flat surface, you are going to get cracks and other imperfections.  I know some people fret about those cracks, but let’s get real, we all have far more serious things to fret about these days.  Who cares about a few little cracks in your transfer here and there?

Once the transfer is in place, I waxed the skates using clear wax.  Then after rinsing and drying the laces, I re-laced them.

Of course, I intend these skates as decoration only.  I don’t think that the paint and/or transfer would hold up to actual ice skating use.

Then again, I’ve seen plenty of people out there painting and adding transfers to shoes, so if you’re an ice skater and you want to dress up your skates, give it a shot and let me know how it holds up.

But if you’re just looking for a creative way to decorate for winter, try dressing up some skates.  If you don’t happen to have any, check out your local thrift store.

18 thoughts on “thin ice.

  1. I love these…they would look great hanging outside the front door with a Christmas wreath or swag. Ingenious to put decals on them. Gorgeous! ❤


  2. Those turned out so cute! Such a great transformation. I have my original skates from my childhood, that would be a fun project. They are 50+ years old so I don’t think they will get used ( by me) again.
    Smiles, Alice


  3. Oh so nice Miss Quandie! I would just love to find some old ice skates or sleds in a thrift shop here in Southern California! I’m going to hypothesize that it COULD possibly happen……… since I’m tired of being a thrift shop Debbie Downer! Hahaha (-;


    1. I’m afraid there are pros and cons to everything. I get to find sleds and skates at thrift stores, you get to live in a perfect climate where it doesn’t snow. Seems fair to me 😉


      1. But you LIKE the snow and I DO like to VISIT it! The con here is running the risk of it not feeling very Christmasy at Christmas time (-;


  4. Once again you have read my mind! It’s eerie. I have 2 pair of vintage skates I picked up at a recent auction and was going to search your blog as I vaguely remembered that you had done a pair. I have the Woodland Christmas (IOD) and think I’ll paint the skates and use that transfer.Thank you for sharing your method!


  5. Oh does that ever bring back memories.The second pair were exactly like my last figure skate from about 55 years ago. I cannot remember where they went, but they did have a lot of memories.Your old friend Betty from Ontario,Canada


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