lynnhurst/fulton 2018.

Last Saturday my sister and I had several neighborhood sales to pick from.  I wish these neighborhood organizations would get together and divvy up the weekends so that we wouldn’t have to choose between several good ones one week, and then have none the next.

But alas, we chose the Lynnhurst/Fulton neighborhoods because they had a nice online list and map available while the others didn’t (or at least not that I found).

And I think we chose well.

Once again we filled up my sister’s SUV, and once again there were lots of lovely houses to admire as we made our rounds.

The day started out with a bang when the second sale we went to was giving away free Mimosa’s with a $10 purchase.

What an awesome combo, Mimosa’s and garage sales.  You can’t go wrong!  Somehow I easily managed to spend enough for a free drink, but Debbie was driving so she had to pass.

I finally got lucky and found a few vintage ornaments this time.

But I think everyone is shaking their heads in bewilderment at my purchase of the Mary statue.

But as soon as I saw her I was picturing all of those Jeanne d’Arc Living magazines …

A beautiful statue of Mary seems to be a staple in those gorgeous French Nordic homes filled with brocante.

I thought she was beautiful despite her missing arms.  I’m debating trying to find a way to make that look more intentional instead of just broken.  We’ll see.

My sister and I each purchased a rusty metal obelisk for the garden.  The only odd thing about them was that someone painted just the tops with silver spray paint …

That looked kind of tacky, but I knew that would be an easy fix using the Dixie Belle Patina paint that I used on my rusty garden pedestal.

I also came home with a couple of pieces of furniture.  I’m calling the china cabinet my find of the day.

Mainly because it was an incredible bargain, and it was a bit of a miracle that we fit it into the back of my sister’s vehicle.

It needs a bit of work, but my handyman Ken has already started on it, and once he’s done I plan to give it a completely new look.

My sister and I always stop somewhere for lunch on our way home from the sales, and last Saturday was no exception.  We had stopped at Applebee’s and were just starting to enjoy our peach sangria’s when my friend (and official picker) Sue texted to tell me about a sale near my house where everything was a quarter.  She said they had a nice twin size headboard and foot board and I should check it out.

So Debbie and I stopped there on our way home and sure enough they had the bed …

And as advertised, everything was a quarter.  Including this bed!

It’s missing its side rails though, so now I’m debating, do I try to find side rails that will work and keep it a bed?  Or do I team up with Ken and turn it into a bench?

Our other bench still hasn’t sold, so I’m a little hesitant to go with another bench.  But this would make a nice one, wouldn’t it?  Hmmmm.  Decisions, decisions.



36 thoughts on “lynnhurst/fulton 2018.

  1. Once again some great finds! Beautiful china hutch/ Can’t wait to see it when you do your magic on it! Mimosa’s and garage sales. Works for me too! I would say that that was the “find of the day!” 😂


  2. What a fun day of garage sales and treasures! I love everything you found, but the non collection of ornament are sublime. The statue of Mary is so beautiful. Too bad Ken can’t make some wooden hands for her. China cabinet will be interesting to see what you do with it and I’d leave the bed as a bed, you can attach an iron bed frame to it (well, Ken can) and make it useful! But I’d you go with a bench, I’d cut off some of the headboard to make the back a little shorter this time. And I’m trying to figure out what is on top of the China cabinet on the right in the first photo. Inquiring minds…


    1. I think wooden hands might be pushing it for Ken. But Mr. Q’s step-dad could probably carve some hands. Great thought about making the headboard shorter this time. I’ll have to remember that if we do make it into a bench. There are two metal lanterns on top of the cabinet. My sister bought those to hang from a tree in her yard.


  3. Your statue of Mary is beautiful. I think I would give her a bouquet of flowers to hold – made out of floral beads – add wire to create stems to bundle. 🌸💗🌼


  4. I think a bench would be perfect. Maybe in black? Styled for fall/harvest. I cannot believe that BLANKET! What is that story? I have been searching for one of those for the cabin! Great scores and another fun sister weekend! Why don’t we ever run into the mimosa garage sales? 😉 New goal.


    1. This was my first ever free-mimosa sale, but I definitely hope to run into more in the future 😉 I also forgot to mention that the proceeds from that sale were going to support The Aliveness Project. So not only did I get to enjoy a delicious drink, but I felt good about helping support a good cause.


  5. Oh I’m swooning! And when I saw the statue I immediately thought about seeing them in magazines as well. The China cabinet is also to die for.
    What a day! Well waiting for the re designs and can hardly wait to see Mary in her new home.


    1. Those Jeanne d’Arc Living magazines are full of beautiful Mary statues! I most likely won’t be keeping her for myself though, I’m hoping I can repair her and send her on to a new home 🙂


  6. I would have gone straight for Mary! Definitely looks like the ones in Jeanne d’Arc Living magazine! I bet Ken could figure something out for her. She could then hold a rosary. As you know, some very famous statues are missing parts!😊 Maybe just leave her as is.? Another great sale!


    1. Yes, exactly! Many famous statues are missing their arms. That’s what I thought too. I think I need to just clean them up a little and add some sort of finish so they aren’t stark white plaster.


  7. Wow! So jealous of all the fabulous neighborhoods you can find around there. Just looking at the houses is a treat, let alone the beautiful finds. I love the statue. I bet you can find an object for her to hold to cover up her missing limbs. She’s gonna be fab I know!


    1. Truly, just wandering around looking at the beautiful old houses is enough entertainment for both me and my sister. I don’t get nearly as excited about garage sales in suburban areas 🙂


  8. Wow what a haul of great stuff. Love the decanter looking decorations and I vote for a bench. Would be great in an entrance way.Thanks for sharing!


    1. You’re referring to those amazing concrete thingies (I don’t know what to call them either!) on either side of the walkway to that house right? They are fantastic, aren’t they? I can only imagine the price tag for two of those 😉


  9. Great finds…love the hutch and the bed has good bones too. Love the idea of a floral bouquet and rosary for Mary too. And kudos to the person who thought of mimosas for their garage sale…bet it made their day too!


  10. A great haul. You might be able to find some mannikin hands for Mary. As to the idea of a bench, I loved the last one but alas, don’t live near you. They are very Nordic looking and that’s popular at the moment. What about a thin cushion to soften the seating?


    1. I debated a cushion with the last one too. But I don’t sew, so that makes it a bit harder to come up with a budget friendly option for a cushion. And when I say ‘budget friendly’ I mean something under $20 or so.


    1. You are right about that. The materials for the last bench ended up running about $20 (for the wood for the seat). Buying side rails would be a bit more. So, that’s something to consider.


  11. What a novel way to encourage spending at a garage sale!! Looks like you found some treasures.Really enjoy your blog. I need a. Ken next door to me!!


  12. Love old china cabinets. Can’t wait to see the transformation. Also love vintage ornaments. Unfortunately, can’t find many in my area.


    1. Yeah, that’s a bummer. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I found tons of ornaments at garage sales last year, but this year it has been slim pickins’. You just never know what you will find at garage sales.


  13. Love the Mary statue-I would have bought her too. In fact, I would have bought everything you did. Your tag sales are much better than those in my area.


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