another breakfast meeting.

First things first, the winner of my foreign decor magazine giveaway is Andrea J (I sent you an email Andrea, so be sure to look for it)!  Congrats to Andrea!  She mentioned in her comment that she needs inspiration for a garden shed, so I’m hoping she finds it in the Jeanne d’ Arc magazine.  Now, on with today’s post.

Every June my co-worker/Carriage House Sale partner Sue and I get called away from the office for a very important breakfast meeting.

Last Friday was another of our ‘meetings’ and this time our friend Cathy joined us too.

Not only do Sue, Cathy and I work together at our day jobs and bring you the Carriage House Sale, we also live within about a mile of each other.  And each year around now there is a woman who lives between all of us and our workplace who has a garage sale. We know exactly what her sign looks like and we try to watch for it every June.  She’s a former antiques dealer, so she always has the best stuff.  So good in fact that we can’t wait until our lunch break, we have to head out immediately for a ‘breakfast meeting’.

Here’s my haul from last Friday’s breakfast meeting.

The little green lunchbox is so fab!  I’ve never seen one shaped quite like this.

It would be adorable filled with some geraniums.

Those ornaments with the lunch box are just a handful from the box of them that I bought.  There are some very nice additions to my collection in the box.

Isn’t the petite watering can fun?  Sue actually picked it up first, but was kind enough to let me have it!

I grabbed this vintage wooden toy just because I liked the colors on it, and the chippy paint.

It might be fun to use as a prop in furniture photo shoots.

Hmmm, made by ‘Hustler Toy Corporation’ … that seems like an unfortunate choice of name for a toy manufacturer …

 I liked the subtle blue stripe on the galvanized bucket.  I filled it up with peonies for a photo.

It seems that peony season has come and gone in the blink of an eye this year.  Most of mine opened up just in time for the hot spell we had on Saturday, and if that didn’t do them in then the hail storm we had on Sunday did.

I’m glad I got some photos of them while they lasted.

 The peonies were not the only things to suffer from Sunday’s hail storm.  My gardens were really looking pretty fantastic last week, so I took a bunch of photos including this picture of one of my favorite hostas.

Which now looks like this …

Yep, hail is a serious bummer for the garden, especially the hostas.

A little research online resulted in advice ranging from cut them back entirely, just remove the damaged leaves (which in this case is pretty much the same thing), leave them alone and new growth will eventually replace the damaged leaves, or most pessimistic, they aren’t going to recover until next year.

Since it’s early in the season, I’m going to try removing some of the most damages leaves and hope that I get new growth this season.  Wish me luck on that one!

13 thoughts on “another breakfast meeting.

  1. Great finds! Best kind of meeting. I’ve never seen a lunchbox in that shape either! So cool. At least your hosta still have leaves! The deer have decided mine look better chewed to the ground this year. And my begonias, and someone has something against my petunias as well.


    1. Believe it or not, we are getting deer in our neighborhood this summer too! Ken has seen them in the wee hours of the morning nibbling on our gardens. But I’m betting the few deer we have are nothing compared to what you get where you are!


  2. Nice haul Linda! I never see watering cans at garage sales. You lucky bird!
    Nor do I see vintage Christmas ornaments apparently I need to
    up my game. Love it all particularly the cute toy. And your peonies are amazing. I am so sorry to hear about the hailstorm we had one in March which destroyed our forsythias this year. Will have to cut halfof them back to the ground. Hipe your peonies recover!


  3. I really like the toy. We had a lot of hail yesterday too, but my hostas faired a bit better than yours 🙂 It was great seeing you on Saturday. I can’t wait to do that again.


  4. You take great notes at your breakfast meeting, plus no calories! It is so rewarding to come home from a sale and play with the new goodies!


  5. I like the a lot of your haul. Especially the bucket with the stipes. When I looked closer at our hostas today they have a bit of damage too from the hail.


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