amy’s amazing home, part 2.

Welcome back for part 2 of Amy’s home tour.  Today I’m sharing the kitchen and just a quick peek into the bathroom.  I’m saving my favorite room for tomorrow’s post on the Reclaiming Beautiful blog, so be sure to check back for that.

The kitchen is just through this archway.


If you look closely you can just see that Amy has an awesome vintage phone tucked into the little nook in the wall that I assume was always intended to house a phone.

If I’d been thinking with both brain cells, I would have moved the lamp in this next photo so you could see that amazing phone.


Here’s that quick peek into the bathroom that I promised you, which is just through that door in the photo above.


The best part is actually behind the door, and that’s this fabulous cupboard that she has filled with vintage first aid stuff.


Continuing down the hallway takes you to the kitchen, but just before you get there you pass this sign on the wall.

My in-laws would just love that sign!  My father-in-law was a boat captain in New Orleans back in the day.  I wonder if any fancy women signed up with him?

And now we come to the kitchen.


Like many of us, Amy is not exactly thrilled with her kitchen.  She doesn’t like the old cabinets or the size of the room.  She’d love to enlarge it or add a pantry and get rid of the old cabinets.  But I think her kitchen is positively charming.

I love the corner sink with the big windows above it.  It provides the perfect spot for the kitchen Christmas tree that is tucked into an enamelware basin.


This cupboard on the opposite wall above a radiator has such a farmhouse kitchen feel.


I know my friend Meggan is going to be drooling over that collection of vintage thermoses on top of that cupboard.  Especially the “Holiday” thermos in front.


You’ll find another of Amy’s fabulous scales on top of the fridge.


And here is a great idea for filling a 3-tiered stand with little glittery houses, greens and pine cones.


There is an industrial metal shelving rack just inside the kitchen door and Amy has loaded it up with lots of adorable vintage kitchenware.



There’s another fabulous scale!


Tomorrow we’ll head over to the Reclaiming Beautiful blog to check out the last room on our tour of Amy’s amazing home.  I’ll post a link here tomorrow morning as well so that you all can find your way over there easily.  I hope you’ll check it out!

21 thoughts on “amy’s amazing home, part 2.

  1. Wow!! I think I love everything in Amy’s house!! The red canisters certainly caught my eye! I have some of the red and white felted ball garland at home, too, love it!! Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to the final post on Friday!


  2. I love her kitchen, the aqua color & that open vintage shelving with all the awesome vintage treasures! I would not change a thing! It is so wonderful to have such natural light and a sink that looks outside! Everything is just so Charming, my taste exactly! Looking forward to tomorrow’s grand finale!


  3. Gah, it keeps getting better! Amy, I hope you’re reading the responses because you truly have a gift. Here’s the thing about our homes, we tend to zero in on what we don’t like, right? I know I do. But, as fresh eyes look at your space, it is total perfection in it’s imperfection. Don’t touch a thing in your kitchen, it is so unbelievably charming! Anyone can have new cabinetry, etc., but not everyone can live in a historic home with that much character. Love, love, love. And Linda, you’re so right. Amy better watch those thermoses!!!


    1. I’m in total agreement about the cabinets. I’m really happy that I have the original 1904 cabinets in my kitchen, I did go through a phase where I was convinced I should rip them out and replace them. They aren’t perfect, but they suit the room and they still function quite well. I know Amy has some functionality issues with her cabinets, but maybe that can be fixed.


  4. The fabulous floors really show up in the kitchen. I absolutely love the tree behind the sink and the cabinet in the hall. The industrial shelves are genius in the kitchen – no need for a pantry when you have those shelves. Love the cabinets and I bet Ken can think of something to make them function better – you should hook them up! Looking forward to the third installation. Thanks again Linda and Amy for the wonderful and inspirational ‘house tour’.


  5. The eye chart in the bathroom, the phone in the cubbie, the antlers wearing plaid, the tree behind the sink and of course the collection of thermoses. Love it all. Thanks for the tour. Anxious for tomorrow’s finally. Thanks for what u do.


  6. Is “fancy women” a euphemism for ummm….. cough, cough? And the opposite is “plain women”? Clearly there would not be a long line of women gladly introducing themselves to the Captain as “plain”.


  7. Thank-you both.What a wonderful house,it seemed to be such a happy place and so welcoming.I adored everything,what fantastic display skills does Amy have.Of all the Christmas House Tours I’ve seen this was my favorite.Amy thanks for letting us peak into your joyful home!


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