out of the loop.

There is just something about heading off on a tropical cruise two weeks before Thanksgiving.  Prior to leaving on my trip, I was really getting in the seasonal spirit.  I was decorating for fall and thinking ahead to Christmas.  I even ordered a new Christmas tree (you’ll see it in a couple of weeks).  My vintage ornament collection has grown to the point where I need a bigger tree.

But then I flew off to Florida and cruised around the Bahamas for a bit.  It was sunny and 80+ degrees nearly every day.


I was surrounded by blue skies and crystal clear turquoise water.  I drank tropical drinks on restaurant patios and strolled barefoot along beautiful beaches.


I didn’t need a jacket.  I went through an entire can of sunscreen.


I sat on the balcony with a glass of wine and a good book  and I didn’t really need that blanket, it’s just there for looks.


And then I came home.  What do you mean Thanksgiving is next week?  How is that possible?  I’m so disoriented!

Isn’t it still summer?


I checked a few of my favorite blogs when I got home and oh my gosh, they are already writing about Christmas decorations.

While I was gone all of the remaining leaves have fallen from the trees and the branches are all bare.

I feel so out of the loop.  Like a train that has run off the tracks.  I should be sharing a beautiful Thanksgiving table or how to make your own wreath out of dried hydrangeas.

Instead all I have to share are photos from my tropical vacation and I don’t feel the slightest bit like getting out the Christmas stuff.


So I hope you’ll indulge me for just a bit while I try to adjust and get back in the loop.  Perhaps I’ll come up with some sort of more seasonal post for next week, but in the meantime I hope you enjoyed a few tropical photos today!

14 thoughts on “out of the loop.

  1. Beautiful photos and I would love to see more. My mantra is “Don’t hurry the holidays.” They will be here whether we are ready or not and in the big picture, it really doesn’t matter!! We will wait for your new tree!!


  2. Fabulous vacation! Can’t beat the weather and scenery! The luxurious hotel, the cruise itself, and the waters in the Bahamas were exceptional – and now I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for good friends and family…and the ability to thoroughly enjoy both! Thanks to you and Deb for letting me tag along 😎…my muscles and my interpreters!

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  3. Looks amazing! Such a beautiful place. Yeah I would prefer to see Christmas decorations put up after Thanksgiving. I like giving this one special day of gratitude it full due before the holiday madness
    starts. But to each their own timing.
    Glad your travel was fun and without incident.


    1. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get to Christmas decorating until post-Thanksgiving this year. Not due to any purposeful timing on my part, but it has just simple snuck (sneaked?) up on me. Plus we’ve had such an unseasonably warm fall here in Minnesota. We still haven’t had a hard freeze and our grass is green. That won’t last much longer though, we are expecting snow on Friday. Yikes! That will put me in the holiday mood for sure 😉


  4. Please share all those pictures so we can dream of going there too. And don’t feel bad. We’re supposed to break the record for the high today…86 degrees here in NE Texas. Instead of sitting on a chair on the patio though, I’ll stay inside and put up the tree. Ahh, Christmas! You can’t come soon enough.


    1. Be careful what you wish for! I’ve been know to bore the pants off people with my vacation photos 😉 You know, I don’t know how you manage to get in the holiday spirit in those warmer climates. While in Florida I did see palm trees with Christmas lights and giant reindeer decorations at a shopping mall and they just felt out of place to me. How do you manage it?


  5. How wonderful to have a completely relaxing vacation! The problem with us is that we are in an Endless September cycle and even I cannot believe I will be preparing turkey a week from today! A little weekend snow should cure us of our seasonal disconnect and snap us into action. Look forward to new posts and great ideas!


  6. Yep, I think the snow did it for me. I started my Xmas shopping today in the cold and snowflakes. Didn’t seem like Thanksgiving and Christmas were just around corner until now.


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