thank you.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out for the Carriage House Sale!


After a chilly and slightly cloudy start, we ended up having a beautiful sunny fall sale day.

It was one of our best sales ever in fact!

The bake goods were not as big of a hit as we had hoped however.  In the end, almost all of them sold but they had a slow start.  It helped that a friend stopped by and purchased all of the rice krispie bars for a pot luck he was headed to next (thanks Jay!)


After doing the math, the profit that my sister and niece made was hardly worth all of the time they put into these.  They haven’t decided for sure, but it’s likely we won’t offer baked goods again in the future.

I remembered to get a few photos during the set up to share with those of you who couldn’t be here.  OK, ‘a few’ isn’t really accurate.  I took A LOT of photos.  So I’m just going to share my favorites with limited commentary and hope I’m not completely boring you in the process.

Here’s ‘bay no. 1’ …






On the other side of the Carriage House, in ‘Bay no. 2’ we had a little more color.


The blue suitcases are all gone.


Vintage trucks were a hot commodity.  I had 4 of them and they all sold, along with all of the old books.


I think the cold weather helped bring out the Christmas spirit.  Much of our holiday stuff sold.


I still have the typewriter even though it was priced to sell at $18.  Perhaps a typewriter isn’t typically thought of as a Christmas decoration, but wouldn’t it be darling sitting on your sideboard with a typed note to Santa?  If anyone local is in the market for a brick red vintage typewriter, leave me a comment.

Pink however was not on the radar this time around.  Although the pink vanity itself sold, most of the pretty china on it did not sell.  I’m beginning to realize that I might be the only person left who can’t help being drawn to pretty floral china.


We had some outdoor vignettes set up as well.




Several people took advantage of the opportunity to stock up on ‘horrible hemlock’ and ‘witches potions’ …


I have a few hundred more photos, but I have to stop now before you all fall asleep on me.

But before I let you go, I want to send out a huge thank you to all of my ‘staff’.  I couldn’t pull this off without Sue, Cathy, Brian, Debbie, Kris, nnK, Judy and of course Mr. Q!  And behind the scenes, my handyman Ken who refuses to make an appearance at the sale itself for fear he’ll be recognized and mobbed by his fan club 😉

24 thoughts on “thank you.

    1. I felt bad for your friend, she kind of missed the beginning of the sale as was sad to find that none of the items you wanted were still there when she got there. I hope she found one or two things for herself though!


  1. I’m not bored with your pics at all.
    I’d be happy to see the other trillion you have lol.
    We were here in SC weathering the hurricane.
    All are safe but lots of trees down,power outages,and debris.


    1. Well, stay safe Deb! Sounds scary. I don’t mind snow, rain, lightening, thunder … but I am not a fan of high winds of any kind. That’s what really freaks me out, and I know a hurricane is all about high winds.


  2. Love it all and would never be bored with your beautiful pictures! Wish I lived close by! I think you should seriously consider relocating to Northern Virginia!!


  3. Good thing I am not local! I would have gotten there early and I would have begged you, yes, begged you to go get Ken!!! I am his number one fan!
    I am glad your sale went well!


    1. LOL, yes, good thing. Ken would have been horrified. He likes to remain behind the scenes and is totally embarrassed by accolades of any kind. Although I do think that secretly it makes him at least a little bit happy to know that people appreciate his mad fix-it skills.


  4. Everything looked so good! Maybe you should consider your own shop some day? As always, what didn’t go this time will be a hot commodity the next!


    1. That is so true Barb … I mean that last part about what didn’t go this time. Sue and I were just remarking that just when we think we know what’s going to be popular, just the opposite becomes true. As for the shop thing, I think the reason all of this works so well for me is because it’s just my fun hobby. Once it becomes something serious, like owning a shop, I suspect it wouldn’t be all fun and games anymore!


  5. Thanks for the wonderful sale! I can’t imagine how much time it took to hunt for all of these items and get them ready to sell, but for both of us, “the hunt” must be the most fun part of the experience! Can’t wait for the next sale!


    1. The ‘hunt’ is the addictive part for me! I love finding awesome things at garage sales. If I didn’t enjoy that so much, I’m sure I wouldn’t even be doing this 😉


  6. My sister Donna and I loved the sale! Regarding the bake goods – For those of us who come early it would have been nice to buy the bake goods before the sale. I think they would have sold if there had been someone to take the money!! Just a thought for next sale.


    1. It was good to see you and your sister! In hindsight I can see where we could have done a better job manning the baked goods table before the rest of the sale opened. It ended up getting really crowded around that table!


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