throwback thursday no. 4

Welcome to ‘throwback Thursday’ where I share fun pre-blog stuff that I have come across in my photo archives.  I’m excited to share today’s project with you because it’s still one of my favorite projects ever.

Many moons ago I purchased a dresser via craigslist (as per usual).  When I picked it up, it turned out that the seller was a guy who purchased the contents of storage units at auction, sort of like that TV show Storage Wars.  Mr. Q and I met him at his own storage locker to pick up the dresser.  I happened to notice an old trumpet case just tossed on top of a pile of other stuff and I really loved how shabby and old it looked.  I assumed there was a trumpet inside, but as it turned out there wasn’t.  The guy was just going to toss it, so I asked if I could have it.

Back then I didn’t have a bunch of cool stencils, nor did I have my Cricut machine.  In those days when I wanted to add words to a piece of furniture, or in this instance a trumpet case, I did it by hand.  If you’d like more info on how I accomplish that, check out {this post} about the Oh Darling suitcase.

oh darling with Lula

My first attempts at this process were simple, like the words I added to this dresser.

rue lafayette dresser

And this dresser.

tall dresser

I gradually got more confident.  This next suitcase was rather time consuming, but in the end I did two like it.

once a year

I got the idea from a pin I’d seen.

travel pin

So when I grabbed that trumpet case, I had a great idea for it.  After all, who doesn’t need a reminder to toot their own horn?  Well, OK, we all probably know a few people who toot a little too much … but most of us need a reminder.


I absolutely love how this turned out (toot, toot).

I didn’t keep it, it sold almost instantly to one of my Carriage House customers.  She planned to display it in her music room.  What a fab addition to a music room, right?

I wonder if she still has it.

21 thoughts on “throwback thursday no. 4

  1. I love that you rescued the trumpet case. It turned out really cute. It just shows that one person’s junk really is another’s treasure.


  2. I’ve always thought the storage auctions would be so interesting! It’s amazing that so much is just left there for whatever reason. I found a vintage clarinet at the clean-up a few years ago, right next to an old suitcase…score! Very cool rescue and perfect for a music room!


  3. Love the phrase and it was perfect for the old trumpet case. I also like to watch Storage Wars once in a while…you never know what you’re going ti find…kind of like garage sales. HERE ‘s to a good garage sale season!


  4. So cute and a great way to rescue something that was just going in a landfill! I have to note, (ha ha, note) that’s actually a trombone case. A trumpet case would be just rectangular like a suitcase. The band nerd in me just couldn’t let it go.


    1. Well, not to worry Patty, you are the 2nd band nerd to point this out. nnK (new neighbor Karen) texted me this morning to tell me I got it wrong. And then I told her that I wasn’t a band nerd like she was! So apparently there are a few of you band nerds out there 😉


  5. All of these projects are super cool! Great idea for the instrument case … way to make it a show piece too! I hope you have an great day!
    The Curator’s Collection & Making Broken Beautiful


  6. Old suitcases carry a romanttic travel cache that modern softside luggage will simply never have. Glad you are giving a second life to a few of them. I read your past-post reference to how you did the Oh Darling lettering…is there a local source for custom stencils?


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