pencil it in.

First, a big thanks to all who left a comment yesterday.  I wasn’t able to respond to everyone, but I’ve read all the comments and everyone’s name will go in the hat to potentially win the big Fusion grand prize!

Mr. Q delivered the herb toolbox to his mom yesterday and she was thrilled with it!  It even brought a tear to her eye, so sweet!  They met up at the senior facility where his grandparents live.  Yes, you read that right, both of my m-i-l’s parents are still with us at the age of 98 (they are the same age).  Apparently there were quite a few ladies there admiring the toolbox!

Next, I want to take just a moment to plug my Carriage House sale.  OMG – it is only one month away!  I admit, I feel a little panicky when I put that in writing!  The Carriage House itself is currently full of unpainted pieces of furniture.  I have stuff scattered everywhere!  I haven’t even begun to clear things out in anticipation of setting up for the sale.

carriage house dress form

But, the show will go on!  Luckily I have my sister here now to help me!

This is just a quick post to remind all of you locals to pencil it in on your calendars.

Where:  The Carriage House (stay tuned as the sale date gets closer for more details)

When:  Thursday, June 11 from 5 pm to 7 pm and Friday, June 12 from 9 am to 2 pm

9 thoughts on “pencil it in.

  1. I’m excited for the Carriage House Sale! It has been on my calendar for a while now and I can’t wait to see all the treats you have in store for us!


  2. You will be painting in your sleep – ha!ha! My husband does dream he is painting quite often. Do you? I had hoped to come this year on my way to Alaska but my d-i-l is coming here that weekend with the baby. Maybe next year???


      1. I am serious…about Alaska. I have a close friend in Montana. So I am doing a tour next year. Minnesota, Montana and on to Alaska well that’s my plan now and I am sticking to it.


  3. The planter is kind of heavy (being full of dirt and all) so when I got to the senior center I left it at the front desk while I went looking for my mom (she is a housekeeper, so could be anywhere in the building). By the time I got back the desk was surrounded by residents and staff all oohing and aahing over it. They almost didn’t let me take it out to her car! It was a lot of fun. Since it was a Mother’s Day present, I asked if it made up for all the trouble of raising me these past 52 years! 😉


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