scrapping the Danube.

While my sister was visiting last week, she and I went on a weekend-long scrapbook retreat.  I know scrapping isn’t for everyone.  Plus a lot of people have gone totally digital with their pictures.  But I am still an old fashioned scrapper.  I like to play with paper, scissors and glue.  I love pretty papers in gorgeous colors, with different textures and patterns.  For me scrapbooking is just another creative outlet.

So Debbie and I spent three full days focused on scrapping, and although I didn’t quite finish with all of the pics from my Danube river cruise last November, I did get quite a lot done.

Danube scrapbook pg 1

I tried something new this time around with my photos.  I printed all of them on matte photo paper and I love the results.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  The most frequent comment I heard was that they don’t look like snapshots anymore, which is sort of true.  They may not look like snapshots, but yes, all of the pictures shown on these scrapbook pages are my own (or my sister’s).  I added titles to some of them (like the one above on the left) using picmonkey.  I print all of my photos myself on an inexpensive HP printer.  I just find it easier to print my my own, but I’m sure it’s not cost effective.  I like to be able to determine what size photo I want, and plan my page layout a little in my head as I go.

scrapbook 5

I try to hang onto things like the key cards from our hotel in Budapest (above) to add to my pages.

I also try to add a few vintage touches to my pages, like this fragment from a vintage French dictionary with the definition of the verb dormir, to sleep, on my hotel page.

scrapbook 11

You can see that my favorite shade of aqua plays a big role in my scrapbooking as well as my furniture transformations.

Danube scrapbook pg 3

I’m still cutting up vintage books too.  If you are wondering, the ‘tin pins’, such as the “see the world” pin below, are from October Afternoon.

scrapbook 6

I often use pages from a 1963 etiquette book for my background.  This next page has a section about proper behavior in public while sightseeing.  The photo itself was taken at the Thurn & Taxis palace in Regensburg, Germany.

Danube scrapbook pg 7

My pages tend to be a bit less cluttered than some.  I like leaving some room for the eye to rest.  I’m also trying not to overwhelm my photos on the page.

Danube scrapbook pg 8

I took over 1,200 photos on this trip, but when I first got home and went through them I felt like I only had a handful of good pictures.  We had some dreary weather, plus it got dark so early every day.  The lighting just wasn’t optimal.  However, after I started monkeying around with my photos (in pickmonkey, of course), I realized that I could work with the lighting instead of against it.  In the end, these photos of Vienna that I printed in black and white are some of my favorites.  I scrapped them on a grey background and added some pops of bright pink.

scrapbook vienna

The brads I used (that’s what those round things are below, for those of you not familiar with the term) are from My Mind’s Eye.

scrapbook details

I use a lot of different techniques on my pages.  For instance, on this next page I painted the chipboard letters that say “Altstadt” (which means Old Town in German, by the way) and I used a rubber stamp with ink for the cursive writing that is behind the paper on the bottom right of the page.  The photos on this page were taken in Melk, Austria.

Danube scrapbook pg 4

One of my favorite techniques is to paint the chipboard, and then add a rubber stamp with some pretty french writing on top like I did on the arrow on this page.

scrapbook Vienna

Here is a close up.

scrapbook chipboard closeup

I also like to use these vintage looking ‘slide’ frames to focus your attention on a particular part of a photo, like this picture of Mr. Q and my sister with Melk Abbey in the background.  I’m also using the frame to help disguise some ugly construction equipment that was behind them.

scrapbook slide

I used another slide on this page of photos from the Castle Hill district in Budapest.

Danube scrapbook pg 9

I hope you weren’t entirely bored with a post on scrapbooking!  I just had to share what I’ve been up to, especially since spending time scrapbooking means that I’m not spending time painting furniture.

If you are wondering about any of the elements on my pages that I didn’t identify, feel free to post a comment asking about them.

As for future travel, we’re thinking maybe Belgium for our next trip.  Specifically Bruges and Ghent.

photo from

Looks gorgeous, right?  Has anyone been there?  Have any tips for me?

But first, I have to save up some money, which means I’d better get back to painting furniture pronto!

20 thoughts on “scrapping the Danube.

  1. How fabulous – scrapbooking is whole other world of creativity. I am still reeling from just the idea of taking 1200 photos.


    1. It sounds like a lot, but when you think about it I visited 7 different places, so that’s really under 200 per. And with digital I always take multiple versions of each shot, just in case. Adds up fast 😉


  2. Love It! How fun to have a few days to dedicated to pursuing this fun hobby! Please share your progress as you move along in the book! I love the use of the old pages and slide covers, and will incorporate those ideas in some of my projects. Looks like a fun time, despite Mom Nature’s interference!


    1. I really like incorporating some vintage stuff in my scrapbooks (just like my decor), so I am always on the lookout for old books or other vintage paper ephemera to include. Keep your eyes peeled for some fun stuff to include in yours too!


  3. Hey you didnt mention that I did finish my book. Cant wait to see yours all done after I move there in July!


  4. Just love the pages, Q! I am a former scrapper (kids happened!) and I like you love to get my hands “dirty” with glue and paper. I do miss it, however, these days I fill that creative void with making pretty crafty things for my home. (Thank goodness for Pinterest!) In regards to your next vacation, Belgium sounds like an amazing choice! My sister just recently moved back to the U.S. after living there with her family for the past 3 years and she absolutely loved it! Let me know if I can ask her any questions for you…


  5. These are fabulous pages! Your pictures are outstanding, and your style certainly shines through in your finished pages. I am a cardmaker, so I love that you have this crafty side of you, too! A few years ago I went to Belgium with my college roomies. Bruges was the most beautiful place and a sure favorite of mine – I think you would love it!


    1. Thanks Anya! I am excited about Bruges. It sure looks beautiful in pictures. It will take us a while to save up the money to go, but hopefully in 2016.


  6. Love what you’ve scrapped so far. Can’t wait to see more. Also, I really like your scrapping style. Please show more!


    1. Cheryl, thank you so much for saying so! I was wondering if most of my readers were bored to tears by the scrapping posts. I haven’t done very many of them, but they don’t seem to get much of a reaction. But if I know that even just a few people are appreciating them, I will keep it up. I’ll share some more soon 🙂


    1. Thanks Lori! I don’t do nearly as much scrapping as I used to ‘back in the day’, but I do still love it! I’m going to share a few more pages in the coming weeks as I finish all of the photos from my trip, plus make a smaller book of the trip for my mom (who joined us). Stay tuned!


  7. I absolutely loved this post! I always struggle with whether or not to share scrapbook pages on the blog since they’re not “decorating/home decor/redoing furniture” related but they take so much time and love you want to share them! Yours are beautiful! I really like all of your embellishments and color choices! Your cute little chipboard arrow is adorable… I’m trying to get better at using stamps and that’s a great tip! I also love your brads from my minds eye… They’re my favorite scrapbook embellishment line, I have an entire basket detonated to supplies from their line! Haha! Beautiful pages, looks like you had a great trip!


    1. Thanks Betsy! Sounds like we are two peas in a pod, not sure if anyone is really interested in seeing our scrapbook pages. But, I figured why not?! I’m sure people would enjoy seeing yours as well. I’ve got plans to share more down the road!


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