mac grove.

And the award for most fashionable garage sale goes to …. drumroll please … MacGrove!

MacGrove is a charming neighborhood in St. Paul that includes Macalester College and St. Thomas University.  Yesterday some of my garage sale pals and I spent the morning there for their neighborhood garage sale. It has a very collegiate vibe.  They used to hold their sale in August, but for some reason they moved it to September this year.  The most noticeable change was the quantity of students that were milling about near the schools.

Once again, we had picture perfect weather, and we found some great things.  We also came upon the most fabulous garage sale set up of the season.

mac grove lanterns

It was like a party!

mac grove party

And he had some very clever signage.

mac grove sign

“These lamps don’t get paid … but that doesn’t mean they don’t work!”

We all enjoyed the festive atmosphere.  Here is the crew, Sue, Jan & Cathy.

mac grove crew

I also found my best find of the season at this very same sale.  A fantastic vintage ice cream scale (who wants to weigh their ice cream?  not me!) in my color, aqua.

mac grove scale

I will be finding a prominent location in the pantry for this bad boy!

Unfortunately, I was so exhausted when I got home that most of my pictures of the rest of my finds turned out pretty awful.  But here is a picture of a fantastic book shelf that Sue spotted for me, and I quickly snatched up.

mac grove bookshelfWon’t this be a charmer once it is painted?  Those details down the side are just going to pop with a little paint.  I’m still contemplating what color I’ll use on it, but I know it will get milk paint.

Unfortunately, the pic is a little blurry and you can’t appreciate it properly, but the fabric that is folded on the shelf is vintage bark cloth with adorable farm scenes.  I just couldn’t pass it up.

Here, you can see the detail a little better in this photo of some vintage light sconces that I also picked up.

mac grove fixturesI did come home with a nice little pile of great finds.  Some will make their way into my own home, some will end up in my workshop to be revamped, and some will be headed to the Carriage House sale!

8 thoughts on “mac grove.

  1. I have the same bookshelf! I painted it Annie Sloan’s White and left the top in its natural dark stain, which turned out absolutely gorgeous! I have had so many compliments on this piece!


  2. Looks like it was a fun day. Good looking piece the bookcase. Love the sconces! I will be curious to see what incantation you come up with for the fabric. By the way my impatiens have filled back in and so far no mildew on them but I guess time will tell.


  3. I am really into farm scene barkcloth now (as much as I love miniature furniture) so my head got closer to the screen when I saw that piece. That is one of my all time favorite farm patterns. It is so HAPPY!


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