my bags are packed.

My bags are packed for Junk Bonanza!

junk bonanza luggage

And so is my giant truck!

I rented a truck.  This is a new experience for me.  Originally I had thought I could just make several trips with the pick up.  Luckily Lori told me that was nuts and I should just rent a truck.  She was so right!  It’s not that expensive, and the truck is enormous!  This will be so much easier.  I’ve never even rented a truck to move before!  Of course, it’s been a while since I’ve moved, but the last time I fit all my stuff in a Honda Civic.

junk bonanza truckThen nnK (new neighbor Karen) hired one of her high school football players, Aaron,  to help us load it all.  It is super handy to have a neighbor with access to rented muscle (nnK is the athletic director at a nearby high school).  All I had to do was buy dinner.  Slick!

This is what the truck looks like with all my stuff in it.  I have 10 pieces of furniture in there!

junk bonanza truck 2

I could easily fit twice as much stuff in this thing.  I had so much room that I threw it all in!  Pieces on stand by?  Nope, they are all going in one trip.  Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I’m not renting another truck to bring all this stuff back home again!

So … if you are going to Junk Bonanza and you want to know where to look for me, I am sharing the Round Barn Potting Co. booth in spots 206 & 207.  We are in the Main Building towards the back, just across from St. Paul Snacks (snacks nearby = good thing).

If you are going early, a strategy I recommend is to head straight to the back and then work your way forward.  This requires nerves of steel as you have to put your blinders on and head straight for the back.  You must resist the urge to stop at each booth on the way.  But, there are two benefits to this approach.  You’ll avoid the crowds who have all stopped at the first booth they came to and you’ll find me right away!

If you stop by, be sure to say hello.  I’d love to meet you!




6 thoughts on “my bags are packed.

  1. Good luck in the sale! I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun while selling stuff you love to “save” from certain destruction!


  2. How cool you rented a truck, Linda! You are the big leagues now, girlfriend!! I will be coming Saturday with an old neighbor that now lives in Shakopee right near the “downs”! I will actually wear blinders to avoid the temptation of stopping at the front booths before I get to you!


    1. Hope you see you Cathy! I’m not far from the bloody mary bar in the back. People start drinking as soon as the place opens at 9 a.m. These things even have a shrimp on them.


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