a winter’s night dream.

Usually about this time of year I start to dream of summer.  Going to garage sales.  Finding fabulous things for a dollar.  Eating bad hot dogs and delicious baked goods.  Exploring Minneapolis neighborhoods with amazing older homes.

For those of you who don’t already know this, I hold an occasional sale out of my carriage house twice a year, in June and October.  I have been doing this for a long time with my friend Sue, and recently Jeanne has joined in as well.  We stock the sale with a combination of our garage sale finds and upcycled items we have created.  A ‘curated garage sale’ is a good way to describe it.  Or perhaps a poor man’s Junk Bonanza.  You don’t have to pay to get in, and our prices are way lower.

2013 Summer 1

It’s not fancy.  I have so far refused to invest in any sort of improvements or permanent sale fixtures in the carriage house.  Except for the $5 cubby hole unit I bought at a garage sale.


I haven’t even invested in tents because my really fabulous neighbor will loan them to me (I am putting this in here in an attempt to sweet talk her into continuing this valuable service because I know she reads my blog.  Thanks nnK, really appreciate the use of the tents!).

In fact, most of the time the carriage house is a hot mess.  Full of projects in progress, paint everywhere, dust coating everything.

photo compliments of beeskneesbungalow.com
photo compliments of beeskneesbungalow.com

 I try to clear away cobwebs and sweep out most of the mess for the sale, but honestly, I’m not sure if anyone even notices.  They are too busy looking at the goods!  And we definitely have the goods!

xmas sale collage 1

But just now, in January, all of that seems so very far away.  As does green grass.  And outdoor picture taking.

IMG_4552I keep telling myself that summer will be here before I know it.  And in the meantime,  I have plenty of time to write my blog and paint furniture.

2013 summer sale 2

19 thoughts on “a winter’s night dream.

  1. I’m a new follower and have never heard of your sale. Can’t wait to shop! That’s IF we ever get a break in this weather… Barbara in St Paul


    1. Well you are in for a treat Barbara! Our summer sale will likely start the evening of June 12. This is not set in stone yet though. Hopefully I will meet you there, be sure to introduce yourself if you come!


  2. Wish I could come too! After all I just checked the mileage and it’s only 1100 miles not
    2000. Lucky people who live in the area.


  3. My lovely wife, this is Quandie’s husband, is so busy all summer with her sales, sale-ing, and furniture projects. I, for one, shall be very interested to see how winter activity of blogging fits into this picture!


      1. You’re obviously too famous to have a day job. The fab sale, a bloggess and selling at Round Barn? Clearly, Mr. Q., she has no time for the 9-5.


  4. I feel so honored to be mentioned in your blog, even if it’s only for giving you stuff. I just realized that the only time I get in the blog is when I do stuff. Huh. Devious aren’t you????


  5. Hmm… Saskatoon to Minneapolis can’t be all that far, is it?

    I’ve been reading Jeanne’s blog for a few years now, so I’ve seen pictures and heard tell of the stories of the Carriage House Sale.


      1. As soon as I hit send, I checked the distance. It is very do-able. Overnight in Minot, too much bad music in the car, and it would be a perfect road trip!

        And I come here to check just as much as I do Bees Knees Bungalow. Afraid you are stuck with me, too.


    1. It very much sounds like a Coen Brothers movie! There may be some merit to that.

      Further, I casually (planned out every word) mentioned it to the better half who said “Sure, lets go. Sounds like an adventure!”
      So… See you in June?


      1. Well, my sale is fabulous, but I doubt it’s worth a trip from Canada. If you really wanted to come to the Twin Cities on a road trip, I would say come for Junk Bonanza. Now that is definitely worth the road trip!


      2. Well, Junk Bonanza is pretty fantastic. Go here to read more about it, and be sure to check out their blog for lots of pictures and info about the vendors. Well worth a trip from Canada!


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