miniature budapest.

Today I thought I would share with you a really special project I’ve been working on lately, a 1″ scale model of Budapest’s Castle Hill!

mini budapest street

Bwa ha ha ha … April Fools!  Did I have you going for maybe just a split second?

Of course that’s actually the real Budapest, but I’ve used a new ‘effect’ available on PicMonkey to make it look miniature.

I’ve mentioned before that I do most of my photo editing on PicMonkey (I am not affiliated with them in any way, and this post is not sponsored by them).  They have a free version, but I pay the extra $33 per year for the Royale version which gives me access to extra features such as this one.  It’s worth every. single. penny.

They frequently come out with new stuff.  Either new fonts, such as the Lato (budapest in) and Coffeebreak (miniature) that I used on this photo …

mini budapest

… or new effects that are just plain fun to play around with.

Recently they added the ‘miniature’ effect.  Maybe you’ve seen this effect on TV commercials, where they make something normal size look like a miniature scene.  Well, you know me and my uncontrollable attraction to anything miniature!  So I pulled up some of the photos from my trip to Budapest in 2014 and started experimenting.  I didn’t even save my first couple of attempts and I was ready to chuck it entirely, but then I read some of the tips (yes, when all else fails, read the instructions);  use a photo with good depth (one that has a foreground and background) and is taken from slightly above the scene.  As it turns out, I didn’t have very many photos that perfectly fit that description.  This train photo turned out pretty cool, but doesn’t quite look miniature to me.  If I had taken this from a little higher vantage point, it would have been awesome.

mini budapest train

But this one is pretty cool, right?  Those look like toy cars on a bridge.

mini budapest bridge

This is so much fun!

mini budapest at dusk

Here is Spitz in miniature …

mini spitz

How about mini Passau?

mini Passau

And mini Melk …

mini melk

Am I the only one who finds these highly entertaining?

If you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands this weekend, maybe you can make some mini-photos of your own!