a handful of stragglers.

First up, congrats to Jeanne Raway!  I drew her name to win my blogiversary giveaway.

Now, on with today’s post.

Way back before I went to Disney World in early November, I brought a load of Christmas items in to the shop where I sell on consignment, Reclaiming Beautiful.  At the time, I definitely thought I’d be painting up many more things and bringing them in.  And then life intervened and I spent a bunch of time and energy on arranging to retire from the day job.  And somehow I just haven’t quite managed to make it back down there again.  Now I feel like the Christmas decorating season is winding down and I may have missed the boat on that.  Do most people buy decorations well before the holiday so that they can enjoy them for a while?  Or is that just me?

Either way, I have a handful of stragglers that haven’t made it into the shop, and I thought I’d share them here today and see if any locals what to snatch them up (must be able to pick them up at my house in Oakdale, MN).

First up is one more stenciled sled.

It looks pretty cute on my deck …

but I have another very similar sled that I’ve kept for myself for this spot.  So this one is up for grabs.  It is 46″ tall by 22″ wide.  It’s for sale at $50.

Next up is this bucket (tree not included).

The bucket itself isn’t especially Christmas themed, but it’s the perfect container for a small tree.  And as a bonus, you can use the bucket year round for other things.

The bucket is $40.

And I have a 2nd bucket …

The buckets work well with a Christmas floral arrangement too.

This one is also available for $40.

I completely missed bringing this pair of ice skates into the shop this year.

I actually created these last year, but they didn’t sell.  So I put them away, and then forgot all about taking them back in to the shop again.

They would be fabulous filled with greens and hung on the door instead of a more traditional swag.

The skates are $28 (greens not included).

Last up is one more cupboard door sign.

It would be perfect for holding a couple of Christmas stockings.  Or maybe hang some mittens from those knobs.

It is 25″ wide x 10.5″ tall and is available for $28.

If any of you locals are interested in these items, be sure to shoot me an email at qisforquandie@gmail.com.

19 thoughts on “a handful of stragglers.

  1. Your stenciling is amazing Linda. I have to use an adhesive to get crisp lines. I wish I lived nearby because I’d love your sled! I have a daughter that’s been looking for one. We just don’t see those here in my part of California. Maybe painted and stenciled surf boards?! 😉 Fun Christmas work!


  2. I know you probably get tired of hearing…wish I lived closer! BUT I really do wish I loved closer! Your talented work is always perfectly done! I love your creative spirit!
    Merry Christmas and smiles, Alice


  3. I’d take them all! I wish I lived within driving distance so I could see all your beautiful creations. But California is a bit too far away.


  4. I just love the Ice Skates!!
    I think there are many people decorating up to about the 15th of Dec., so if you get stuff in the store by Friday you have a good chance to still get some items sold. My sister & I have started a tradition of giving each other ornaments as Christmas gifts and those new ornaments go on the next year’s tree, perhaps others do the same.


  5. OOOOOOOOhhhh so cute, Miss Quandie! I betcha lots of people can relate to “not quite managing” to get to something for far lesser reasons! Hahahaha……..Does the shop slash prices on Christmas merch by a certain date? If so, just take them in next year……but the buckets could go on in anytime…….(-:


    1. I’m not sure about the slashed prices, I usually just remove my stuff and hang onto it for next year. But you’re right about those buckets, those can go anytime 🙂


  6. Beautiful pieces, the skates are fabulous! I was a vendor in a show on Saturday 12-4 and folks were absolutely still buying Christmas decor.


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