good things come in small packages.

My picker, Sue, knows me so well.  I’m sure as soon as she saw this tiny dresser she snatched it up for me.

Especially when she saw the price tag, which was $1.50.

I’m sure that there are some vintage lovers out there who would have preferred that I left it in its original yellow paint job (and P.S., that photo does not do the color justice, it was a bright yellow).  And I do agree that it has a certain aged charm about it.

But I tend to paint stuff.  In case you haven’t noticed.

So I cleaned it up, gave it a quick sand and then painted the insides of the drawers using a dark charcoal grey spray paint (because it’s quick and easy).  Then I painted the exterior in two coats of Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth.

To dress it up I added some wording from with prima’s Paris Valley transfer.

I had to move things around a bit to avoid the knobs.  Seeing as I don’t actually speak French, I don’t know if the order I’ve put things in makes any sense at all.  French speakers everywhere are probably rolling their eyes.

But I think it’s pretty darn adorable.

I lined the drawers with some more October Afternoon scrapbook paper.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, October Afternoon was a local company here in the Twin Cities and they have been out of business for a while now.  You can sometimes still find inventory left over from various online retailers though.

I used to stock up at their annual warehouse sales, so I have a lot of their paper on hand still.  Since I rarely scrapbook anymore, I’m always happy to find other uses for it.  This particular design is from their 9 to 5 collection.

I staged this one up simply with my mini camera, a small photo and a little book.

That little book is a birthday reminder book.  It is inscribed to my grandmother from her grandmother on January 2, 1912.  My grandmother was born in 1898, so she would have been 13 at the time.

I’m fairly sure it must be in Norwegian, since that particular great, great, grandmother of mine was from Norway.

My grandmother must not have kept up the book, because I’m not listed on November 22.  For that matter, my mother isn’t listed on her birthday either.  Maybe my grandma didn’t need to be reminded of those 😉

This little dresser could be used to house all sorts of tiny treasures; jewelry, a coin collection, scrapbook supplies, mending supplies, etc, etc.

After all, good things come in small packages.

For now I think I’m going to add this little charmer to my own collection (or should I say non-collection?) of mini furniture.  I just need to find a spot for it somewhere!

14 thoughts on “good things come in small packages.

  1. Long time followe and fan of your site and the lovely pieces you create. Like the October Afternoon paper, I thought the secretary at the desk had a devil’s tail when I was quickly looking. Somehow, I also knew that that humor would fit with your style. If you ever don’t have enough room, I just want you to know I’m here for you.


  2. Oh you have another one! I haven’t seen one out in the wild for a long time, but I love yours. You did a great job updating it and I love your choices. Thanks for a day brightened on a gloomy Friday!


  3. I love the little dresser. I also saw a devil’s tail before I realized it was the chair’s backrest. The little book is pretty sweet.


    1. So funny, that never looked like a devil’s tail to me. Hmmmm … wonder is this could be a sort of Rorschach test. Who sees a chair back, and who sees a forked tail?


  4. So cute and classy Miss Quandie! Would love a flashback on all your mini chests with this new addition (-: Your picker Sue must love seeing your transformations after she relinquishes her finds!


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