the queen’s glory chalkboard.

Chalkboards, are they in or are they out?

I’ve heard others say that they are definitely out, but I still love them.  I have five of them decorating my house.  My favorite still being the one that hangs over my sofa.

I’ve made quite a few of them in the past because they are my favorite way to upcycle a mirror that isn’t being returned to its dresser.

Recently one of my readers, Suzy, came across a mirror that she thought I might like to have and she dropped it off for me.

Initially I was planning to keep it a mirror.  But as I started working on it I changed my mind.

To begin with, it had a bit of water damage at the bottom.  The damage was worse on the particle board backing, so that got ripped off and thrown away.  At that point the mirror came right out, which made the frame much easier to paint.  I simply sanded it down a little, cleaned it with a damp rag and added two coats of Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth.

Next I added the bottom section of with prima’s Parisian Letter transfer to the space at the top of the frame.

Once I had that in place I realized that it would really pop with a black chalkboard in the frame rather than the mirror.

So handyman Ken cut a piece of hardboard to fit and I painted it with some black chalkboard paint and voila!

You have some options when it comes to creating a chalkboard.  You can use milk paint to create a chalkboard

You can also just use chalk style paint, like Dixie Belle paint.

But I already had some of the Rustoleum black chalk board paint on hand so I just used that.

It made for a quick and easy afternoon project.

I’ve got a couple of more detailed projects underway that I hope to complete this weekend.  How about you?  What’s on your agenda this weekend?

17 thoughts on “the queen’s glory chalkboard.

      1. It is part of it. The French has something to do with perceived value I believe. Of course, it’s just for show. Could be from a sign for a Gentleman’s club. 😄

        I really don’t know.


  1. Love those afternoon projects 🙂 Chalkboards are timeless in my book, especially now that there are none to be found in classrooms anymore! Even more treasured.


    1. I’d love to have a giant chalkboard … like classroom size … maybe one of these days I’ll come across one somewhere! I wonder what they did with all of them …


  2. I have never made a chalkboard but I plan to soon. Right now I’m working on some really ornate candlesticks that I have no idea what to do. I have been searching the web. They are beautiful but would be more so with paint. I want that old world crusty look. Any ideas? Thank you for sharing all the things. I definitely get that nspiratiin from you.


  3. Linda, it’s so nice and elegant, i love it!!
    I’m painting everything that doesn’t move, i think it’s a quarantine’s side effect. And then i take a break, check your blog and add another 1000+ things to my list. So back to the garage….Never ending process, and i like it. Thank you for inspiring me!
    On the other note… I can’t find the recent post where you used new Prima moldings..Am i blind or you changed your mind on publishing it?
    PS chalkboards are IN forever.


    1. Well Olga, you have caught me! I accidentally posted the new Prima molds before the release date. So I got a slap on the wrist and had to remove that post. I can re-post it now, but haven’t gotten around to that yet. Hopefully I’ll get that re-posted this weekend, so stay tuned!


      1. great, thank you! i thought that was the case as i wanted to buy them but couldn’t find anywhere. i’ll just wait 🙂

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  4. Hey Miss Quandie……I love love love seeing your chalk board upcycles! Each one is different and perfect! This particular transfer is darling……did you spray or brush the chalkboard? Will you keep this one for yourself or consign it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I brushed the chalkboard paint, but I sanded in between coats which helps keep it smooth. I also seasoned the chalkboard once it was dry by rubbing chalk all over it. And this one will be heading to the shop to be sold 🙂


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