everyday farmhouse.

I thought it would be fun to compile a post showing all of the pieces that I’ve used the Prima Marketing Everyday Farmhouse transfer on so far.

This is just one transfer, but it comes with about 25 different designs that can all be used separately.  So at around $30 for the set, you’re only paying a little over $1 for each one.

The first thing I used part of this transfer on was a rusty toolbox.

I used some of the numbers that are included as well as this portion …

Next I used a couple of the designs on an adorable pair of vintage kid sized chairs.

I used sections from the Sweet Apricot transfer for the seats.

I also added part of the Everyday Farmhouse transfer to this bucket, which is painted in Homestead House milk paint in Laurentien.

I used another section on another painted bucket …

Next I used a section of the transfer on the top of a vintage picnic basket.

I thought I’d quickly share the technique I used to work around the raised slats on the top.  I started by placing the transfer where I wanted it and then only rubbing the transfer well on the raised slats.

Next I used a razor blade to slice the transfer backing sheet on either side of each slat.

This way I was then able to press the transfer down between the slats as well.

If you want to try something similar, my advice is to go slowly, be patient and remember that perfection is highly overrated.

In the end you’ll have an adorable picnic basket ready to take on holiday.

Clearly I’m going to have to get another of the Everyday Farmhouse transfer sets because I’m pretty sure I can find 25 more items to use it on!

12 thoughts on “everyday farmhouse.

  1. Thanks, Linda for these great examples of how simple graphic transfers can add charm and interest to painted pieces. I need to go on Etsy and order some, Amazon has a limited selection. I just used the Rustic Teal transfer on a small buffet and I love it!


    1. You’re right, not many of the newer transfers are available on Amazon. I’ve been searching out online sources for the transfers lately too. I found out that Prima is no longer making their old IOD transfers including my favorite Seeds transfer, so I am stocking up on some of them while I still can!


  2. You really did get a lot of use out of that transfer. It seems like a good one. I like all the things you used it on. I think I am really into the farmhouse stuff.


  3. Love every piece Linda! Do you think a transfer would work on a galvanized bucket that has not been painted?
    Looks like the auction I am going to tomorrow has about six old ones, if I get them I would love to try some transfers, but too lazy to paint them! Lol


    1. That is Homestead House milk paint in a color called Laurentien. They also make their Fusion paint in the same color. It’s definitely one of my favorites! You can see the full post about those chairs here.


  4. Love it all Linda! The buckets are my favorites. Do you usually sell these? Wondering if you ever use them as planters? Of course you would have to drill a holes n the bottom I guess.


    1. Yep, I usually sell them and the green one came pre-drilled with holes. So no longer functional as an actual bucket 😉 but would make an awesome planter!


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