a winter garden.

Like much of the northern part of the continent, here in the Twin Cities we got slammed with snow in the month of February.  In fact, we got a record breaking 39” of snow during the month.  It was the snowiest February on record, and the 4th snowiest month EVER (well, since they’ve been keeping track anyway).

The record for the snowiest month ever is still held by November 1991, the year of the Great Halloween blizzard.  We got 46.9” that month.  I clearly remember that blizzard (how about the rest of you locals?).  The snow started falling on October 31 and didn’t stop until November 3.  Nothing like having your carved pumpkins buried under more than 2’ of snow.

The snow didn’t end in February this year, we’ve now gotten another 10+” of snow so far in March including 6″ last weekend.  Spring just might be in sight though, we’ve had temps in the 40’s and lots of melting this week.

Most people I know like to take a tropical vacation to escape the winter weather if they can swing it.  But Mr. Q and I took our Adriatic cruise in November, which now feels like a very long time ago.  So I decided to treat myself to an indoor winter garden.  It helped that my local plant nursery, Gerten’s, had a house plant sale.  Buy one, get one half off.  It seemed like it was meant to be.

So the other day my sister, niece and I popped in to see what they had.

I was surprised to find that they had a whole bunch of blooming potted plants available.  I wasn’t expecting that.  I guess I never would have thought of a begonia as a ‘house plant’.  Technically speaking though, I guess pretty much anything that is alive and growing has to be a house plant this time of year.

They also had a huge selection of gorgeous cyclamens.

So I had to get two of them.  This smaller size was only $5.99.

Some of the plants will head to my office at the day job, but others will stay at the house.

I can brighten up both places!

Having all of these flowers made for a great opportunity to share the 3rd project I did using the Iron Orchid Designs Le Petite Rosier transfer.  I purchased two of the smaller sized versions of the transfer.  I used one on the tiny cupboard and then used the bottom section of that and of the 2nd one on my ceiling fan.

And now I’ve added the top portion of the 2nd one to an old watering can.

I gotta say, I pretty much love it.  I didn’t seal it with anything, so it wouldn’t hold up to outdoor display.  But that’s OK, I’ll keep it inside in my ‘winter garden’ for now.  If I decide to put it outside in the summer I’ll add a couple of coats sealer.

How about you?  Are you coping with a winter that seems to be dragging on and on?  Didn’t get the chance for a winter getaway?  Maybe you should consider a winter garden to tide you over until spring actually gets here.

P.S.  Remember my experiment with the lavender from last fall?

Well, in case you are wondering, no, those plants did not survive the entire winter.  I finally tossed them a couple of weeks ago.  I suspect that my window ledge was just too cold for them.  But they were pretty while they lasted, which was a lot longer than cut flowers.

22 thoughts on “a winter garden.

  1. Very nice!! You did a fabulous job on staging your new items. 😊
    Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.


  2. Pretty plants. I love going to the garden shop, especially this time of the year. I imagine they really help you get past the winter blues. It is warming up here in Texas, but I haven’t done my front garden clean up yet. And I have some flower bulbs I think I need to start, so guess that will help me get into the spring mode. Right now, I’m just trying to keep up with painting furniture for the booth!


    1. I still have a good month or more before I can even think about getting out in the garden. Hopefully I can also get some furniture painted in the meantime!


  3. A trip to Gerten’s is truly a balm for weather-fatigued souls. Beauty and color abound and after this long “grey-scale” season I surely hunger for some brillance…Sunshine at the least! I love your watering can; the red spout is a fun accent.


  4. So pretty and yes so ready for Spring!! I live in Washington State and yes we did get record snow falls this year. We left on a 2 week Caribbean cruise and just got back. We came back to 50 degrees and some sunshine. Yes, Spring can’t come to soon for me!


  5. Love the watering can! Nice display! I like flowering plants indoors as well. They always die, but last longer than the cut flowers from the grocery. I live in Indiana, we have not had a good snow this year. A couple of inches here and there is all. Our weather is nuts, one day snow, the next day you can wear flip flops! I think we all are more than ready for spring!


  6. I absolutely love the watering can. Since you didn’t mention it I assume the can was already painted. Did you paint it earlier? Which type of paint do you prefer on metal? I would love to have one like that for my back deck.


    1. The watering can was already painted when I bought it (I’m sure at a garage sale). In hindsight, I kinda wish I had taken the time to give it a fresh coat of paint before I added the transfer. Not that I don’t appreciate an aged, chippy, paint finish, but this particular paint job doesn’t have the best coverage and the shade of white is a little too cool for me. But, oh well, too late now. As for paint on metal, it depends on the metal. If it’s a shiny, slick metal then I prefer to use either Fusion or chalk paint because milk paint won’t adhere well unless you add bonding agent. However, for this can I would have gone with milk paint. The existing paint is matte and feels a little rough to the touch, meaning the milk paint would have something to hang on to.


  7. I just pinned a variety of Wisteria that was cultivated by the U of M and is supposed to be Minnesota hardy. It’s called Summer Cascade Wisteria and is available through Spring Hill Nursery. I’ve got it in my cart, ready to order. I love your flowers, it brightens things up. I’m so done with winter in MN. Glad I’m going to Paris next month.


  8. I would love to have real plants but I have a beautiful cat named Jenny who loves to eat green leaves and promptly throw up. When I receive gifts of live flowers I have to put them in the bathroom overnight and shut the door. . So I think I will get some imitation ones, I do not think she will like them. Hi to one and all. Betty from Ontario, Canada.


    1. My cat, Lucy, seems generally uninterested in eating plants (knock on wood). Now, plastic bags are another story altogether. She can’t seem to resist chewing on any plastic bag left in her reach.


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