a chalk paint on vinyl update.

About this time last year I posted about a vinyl stool that I painted with chalk paint.  Remember that post?

stool title

At the time I promised to report back on how well the painted vinyl holds up over time, so here I am one year later checking back in with this chalk painted stool.

Here is how the painted stool looks today.

vinyl seat update

It has gotten a lot of use.  Not only do I sit on it while painting, but nnK (my neighbor across the street) likes to pop over to chat occasionally and when she does she often sits on this stool while I’m working.  She frequently comments on how well it has held up.

Keep in mind that I used this stool while painting, so it does have some paint drips on it now.  It also has gotten a little dirty.  So after taking the photo above I used a warm damp washcloth to scrub it clean, then I added a fresh coat of wax.

It’s good as new.

vinyl cleaned and waxed

I am nothing short of impressed at how well the chalk paint has held up on vinyl.  And nnK is so impressed that she brought me two similar stools to paint for her.  They both started out in this rather ugly color that she liked to call ‘baby poop brown’.

vinyl stool before

She wanted dark blue instead, so I went with the Little Billy Goat Prizewinner.  I cleaned the vinyl with TSP substitute, then painted two coats of Prizewinner.  Once dry, I waxed them with Miss Mustard Seed furniture wax.

Try to ignore that bit of pink reflection on the blue stool.  I should know better than to try and take photos anywhere near my red carriage house in the late afternoon.  The sunlight reflecting off the red always results in an unwanted pink glow.

blue stool

blue stools

So to recap, one year later, thumbs up on painting vinyl with chalk paint!

9 thoughts on “a chalk paint on vinyl update.

  1. That is incredible how durable it is! I see people painting upholstered furniture with chalk paint and have wondered about that as well. Maybe you could try that too for a test? 😉 Thanks for the update…and a Saturday post. You’re on a roll! Love nnK’s, I have a thing for medical stools! I bought three from the Apron Chick’s, but they were already an awesome turquoise color. They live in the playroom under desks. I also put one in Henry’s newly decorated room, but the tan color works with his hunting/fishing room, you have to come see!


    1. I am not as big a fan of painted cloth upholstery. I’ve heard people say that it looks ‘just like leather’, but I’ve seen it and I think it looks just like painted upholstery. Sounds like I need to come out for another tour!


  2. This is one amazing use of chalk paint that truly rejuvenates an otherwise ugly item. Would love to find a couple of these on the MOPD!


  3. This was a timely post. I have a suitcase with vinyl trim and straps (you know, where there should be leather), and I started painting it in Louis Blue, mostly because the fabric part is navy. I have gotten enough spots on the fabric that it needs paint now too. Good thing Annie Sloan sticks to anything.


  4. Good Morning! I am getting ready to chalk paint 2 barstools with vinyl. How did you prep the stools? ANY suggestions would help! Thanks


  5. I was wondering if once the vinyl is painted can the furniture piece be used. For example I have an ugly vinyl bench and wanted to paint it but also want it to be usable


    1. Yes, absolutely. As I mentioned, I used this stool quite a bit and it held up great. To be clear, I used chalk paint with a wax topcoat and that would still be my recommendation for painting vinyl.


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