vintage goodness.

Way back on my birthday last November, my friend Terri gave me a galvanized cake stand that she purchased from Decor Steals.  She knew it was so ‘me’, and that I love pretty much all things galvanized.  Yet, still, it sat around for all of this time because I was struggling with how to use it.  Obviously, I’m not going to be using it for cakes.  I’m one of those people who has to dust my stove, remember?

I finally decided that I would use it as a centerpiece on my dining room table.

vintage goodness

And I pulled out some of my vintage pieces in my favorite shade of aqua to put on top of it, the flour sifter that I picked up recently while thrifting and a little clock that I purchased at Oronoco Gold Rush.

clock and sifter

I also added my favorite aqua clock and some aqua flower frogs, along with another of my ’22’ tickets.

clock and ticket

I love how it looks on my table.  I may change out the cyclamen plant with something in bloom, but for now I like the patterns on the leaves.

I like changing up little things like this in my house.  It gives me an opportunity to see things with a fresh eye, and it doesn’t cost anything.  You should give it a try.  Move some of your things around and display them in a different room, or in a different way, just for fun!

6 thoughts on “vintage goodness.

  1. I literally do that once a week. I spy something that could look better & I rearrange, update something, add something new, or just plain get rid of it! You are so right about a fresh “perspective”. It also helps us get through the gray of the winter. Keep adding color, color, color!


  2. Me, too. I do this monthly in the shop and change all the furniture and furnishing around. It amazes me how I can make the shop look like it is all new inventory by mixing it up and highlighting things that were in the background.


  3. Charming vignette! I do the same thing – shop my house to come up with new ways of displaying favorite finds it is rewarding activity.


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