my blue period.

I figure if Picasso can have a blue period, then so can I.  Right?

blue period titleOf course, Picasso’s blue period works were somber and desolate.  Plus, he had trouble selling them in his lifetime, it was only later that they became popular.  Hopefully none of that will be true of my blue period!

Much like a lot of other furniture painters out there, I do seem to be drawn to blues of all kinds this year.  From the deep, rich indigo of Miss Mustard Seed’s Artissimo …

the hudson

to the gorgeous paler blue green of Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg …

wallpaper 1

I was inexplicably drawn to these blue motel chairs at a garage sale.

Armatage 1

My recent attraction to blue even inspired the ‘save the date’ card for my upcoming sale.

save the date small file

And now I seem to be enamored with Annie Sloan’s Aubusson.  First the little cupboard I salvaged, and now … the mirrored dresser that was part of the two-fer.

Aubusson dresser title

I have to say, I went around and around about what color to paint this dresser.  There were just so many possibilities.  MMSMP in Mustard Seed Yellow with white accents?  Trophy with a stencil on the front?  Another custom mixed Minty Green?  Black?

In the end I had to tell myself to snap out of it and remember it was only a dresser, and it wasn’t the last one on the planet.  Another dresser will come along to be painted, so for now, just pick a color for gosh sake!

And so, I picked Aubusson with the details highlighted in MMSMP in Linen.  I knew that I wanted the eye to be drawn to this gorgeous detail at the top of the mirror.

Aubusson dresser mirror detail

I actually started with outdoor photos for this one, but the blue seems far too bright in these.  It’s not that bright in person.

Aubusson dresser outside

As you may notice in the before & after side by side, I changed out the hardware on the lower two drawers for some much prettier stuff that suited the dresser.  The knobs it came with were definitely not original to the piece.  And if you are wondering about that scroll-y trim around the bottom two drawers, the previous owners had removed all of it.  What you are seeing is the shadow from where it was.

Aubusson Before & AfterThis dresser will be available at the Carriage House sale!

5 thoughts on “my blue period.

  1. Although blue has not been a go-to color for me, I do see things in blue that are gorgeous but because my home is predominately in greens, I can’t fit most things into an existing scheme. On the dresser with the fancy trim on top of the mirror….did you consider doing the entire frame of the mirror in white? I can see white curtains blowing in the breeze next to that dresser.


    1. My home used to be done mostly in greens, but I am slowly working on switching it up and bringing in more blue. The coming winter I might try and re-paint some of my last remaining green walls!


      1. Quandie, I’ve just read two of you posts in a row and have to say that I love your blog! I found you after you so kindly commented on my first blog post ever (I’m up to two now, yay!) and I am glad I did. Your painting and photos are beautiful and your writing is clever and fun to read. I gravitate toward the blues myself and have painted many pieces in Aubusson. It’s a color that is beautiful on its own but works well with a tinted wax as well, I’ve used dark, white, and even gray to soften and change the color. Though after seeing your piece painted in Artissimo, I really want to try that. It’s gorgeous!


      2. Hi Ann! I thought your blog was so beautiful that I actually contacted the woman who designed your template (who, by the way, also lives in Minnesota). In the end though, I caved at the thought of doing a self-hosted blog and decided to stick with my ‘free’ wordpress for now. Maybe down the road I will get more ‘serious’, but not for now. But anyway … thanks for your comment. You should definitely try the Artissimo, it’s a great color to work with. I love it with either clear wax for a little lighter look, or hemp oil for a really deep indigo.


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