the good, the bad and the ugly.

Today I am stringing together some random stuff that is good, bad or ugly.

randomLet’s start with the bad.  First of all, my sister has gone back to New Jersey.  Sniff, sniff.  One of my fondest wishes is that my sister would move here to Minnesota.  I’ve tried to convince her to no avail (so far!).  Perhaps one day.  Meanwhile, I have to make do with periodic visits, texts and phone calls.  I already miss her, even though she totally bosses me around most of the time.

As for the ugly, my computer died.  Yikes! It was old and ratty, a hand-me-down computer from Mr. Q.  The easy fix was to just get a new one, so I did.  But that led to the really ugly part.  While loading stuff on to the new computer, it became infected with a browser hijacker!  If you’ve never had one, thank your lucky stars.  Basically it takes over your computer while you are on the web and brings up random tabs full of products that you have absolutely no interest in.   And every time you delete the stuff, it just comes back again.  I’ve never been so frustrated in my life.  Getting rid of the hijacker was a challenge, but fortunately Mr. Q was up to it.  Knock on wood, I think I am in the clear.

Now for the good!  The really fabulous, super duper, amazingly good.  As I mentioned earlier, I am going on a trip!  Where?  Well, here’s a hint.

Danube hint

Have you guessed it yet?

Here is a bigger hint.

Danube cruise headerWoo hoo!  It’s a cruise on the Danube.  We sail from Budapest to Nuremburg, with stops in between in Vienna, Melk, Regensburg and Passau.  “We” includes me, Mr. Q, my sister and my mom.

We weren’t really in the market for a fabulous European vacation at the moment, but let me explain.  You see, my mom is a travel agent.  A while back she took some online familiarization courses with Viking Cruise Lines, and when she finished them her name was thrown in a hat to win a free cruise on the Danube.  Yep.  Free (except airfare).  And she won!  Long story short, the rest of us got a great deal on joining her.  It was too good of an opportunity to pass up.  Thank goodness I just renewed my passport!

traveler header

I think the universe has been listening to me lately.  First I was wondering when I would ever have more photos to add to my travel gallery wall, then came the ‘travel the world desk‘.  I’ve been sending the travel vibe out there, and it came back with a bang!

Needless to say, we are all super excited about the trip.  My sister and I are BIG on planning.  Sometimes the planning is half the fun!  We are busy scouring guidebooks, surfing the web for tips and trying to decide what we want to be sure and see in each destination.  We’ll be spending several extra days in Budapest, so that is our main focus.  Have any of you been to Hungary, Austria or Germany?  If so, I’d love to hear about what you saw or did there!  Or any other travel tips you may want to share.  Bring ’em on!

11 thoughts on “the good, the bad and the ugly.

  1. First of all, I am not bossy! Q planned most of the vacation except for the trip to the Minn State Fair, that was all my doing, oh and the visit with our cousin. It was an awesome week or really 10 days. Very sad to be back home in NJ. Hopefully one day I will be living back in Minn. It was so much fun starting our planning for our river cruise. Q also forgot to mention the toaster toasted it last toast also while I was there. Much easier to replace than the computer. Got a great deal on my favorite candy bar, the Nut Goody, at Fleet Farm. Saw them at the airport for 3 times the price. Can’t wait until next years visit.


    1. Um. That is not me talking to myself, that is my sister using her iPad that I used in a pinch while my computer was down. Clearly I forgot to log out of her iPad. Now my sister’s iPad thinks she is me. Egads. Will the techno-problems never end?


  2. Very clever styling there with the blocks and the books. Hooray for your adventure in Budapest! Fantastic! I have a client that did a riverboat cruise there a couple of years ago I will try to pick her brain. As for the computer I know your pain we are functioning with a laptop recommended by my son who has a degree in computer science – I hate it – cannot even begin to use it. My husband is stuck with it. I am using an Ipad. I actually miss the desktop that died last year. There are just something’s computers are better for than IPads. So that’s on the list to buys. This whole virus’s thing is awful. Good for Mr. Q to the rescue.


    1. Thanks Victoria! I have to say, I prefer a desktop to a laptop any day. I don’t know how I would even function with an iPad. I used my sister’s while she was here in a pinch, and it was very frustrating. Let me know if your client has any advice on the river cruise!


  3. Sorry about the computer, toaster and identity issues, but it sounds like overall you all had a great visit. Wish I would have had time to join you … can’t wait to hear about all the plans for the big trip….


  4. I received an email from my sister this morning, talking about how downloading new virus protection brought on such a range of problems that she has had to spend days trying to get it to stop scanning and or remove it from the computer. They don’t make that easy.
    My whole body gets tense just thinking about what I’ve gone through so I understand.
    I am so happy for you about the trip!
    Sometimes, after my sister leaves, I feel more sad then before she came and I was missing her. Can you imagine what people feel like when relatives leave the country to immigrate someplace? I know my great-grandfathers never saw their parents again. Gosh, that’s sad, now that I think of it.
    Better to think about your trip. I agree with you, planning is half the fun.


    1. Sounds like your sister had the same malware I did. Beware all computer users! It looks like it’s something you need to protect yourself from viruses, but in the end is malware itself. Evil. Funny that you mention immigrants in your comment. While my sister was here, we were reading up about some of our ancestors who emigrated from Norway. I can’t imagine going so far from home and family, and your only contact with them ever again being letters that take forever to get to each other. At least I can talk to my sister via cell phone for as long as I want to!


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