bluebirds of happiness.

Clearing out the summerhouse to make way for a furniture photo studio means getting rid of most of the things I had out there.  The cane back sofa sold really quickly on craigslist.  The wicker chair was quick to go at my Carriage House sale.  But I also had a lot of vintage china out there.  I cleaned up most of it and attempted to sell it at my sale, but not much of it sold.  Sue is considering holding a shabby chic china sale at her house this summer, but if it still doesn’t sell, I may try to find one of those wedding rental companies that rents out china and see if they need platters.  But, in the meantime, I want to hang on to my favorite pieces which are all the ones with a bird theme.

bluebird creamer

Bluebird china was manufactured by over 50 different companies in the late 1800’s to the mid-1900’s.  It was generally used for everyday.  How lovely it would be to have an entire set of dinner plates to eat from!  But most of what I have is in pretty rough shape.  Not something that I’d actually want to use.  It’s pretty to look at though.

bluebird china 2

Not all of my bird china features blue birds though.  These pieces have pretty green lovebirds.

green lovebird china

This bluebird is tucked in amongst the flowers.

bluebird with rosesAnd this one has the most delicate ghost of a landscape behind him.

bluebird china closeup

 And here is another sweet pair of lovebirds.

bluebird china with book

Since I couldn’t bring myself to part with these, I decided to make room for them in the pantry.  This dovetails nicely with two new decorating rules that I devised for myself after visiting Sue’s house.  Now, I made up these rules for myself.  In no way am I suggesting that you should follow them too.  You have to make your own rules.

Rule no. 1 – Keep black and white areas separate from colorful areas.

I need this rule because I have a split personality when it comes to decorating.  I love cheery, colorful, cottage, vintage farmhouse.  But, I also love white/grey colorless French Nordic.  The problem is, I can’t seem to pick a side and stick with it, and I don’t think the two work together in the same space.

So, in keeping with this rule, the pantry is now firmly in the colorful vintage farmhouse camp and includes my bluebird china.

bluebird pantry

bluebird pantry closeup

Rule no. 2 – Keep collections together and display en masse.

Instead of splitting my chintzware between the summerhouse and the front porch, I now have all of it in the hutch on the porch.

chintz on porch closeup

I think both of these areas look more unified now.  And the color and patterns make me happy.

Which is not to say I don’t still love the black and white stuff.  Next on my list, choosing a spot to devote to these …

black and white

7 thoughts on “bluebirds of happiness.

  1. I am so with you on choosing between styles like French Nordic and your love of vintage. I have a two story home so downstairs is Black and tan or bronze or camel while I have ever so slowing for 6 years now been changing upstairs to grays. Still plenty to do there it seems never ending but I am learning to enjoy the process and not just the finished space. Absolutely love the chintzware in the charming little cabinet. I like the impact when you display it all together. I am just plain jealous about your dang pantry -mine is a closet with those plastic coated wire shelves blah! It’s great idea to dedicate it to vintage. And I love the sweet personality of the bluebird collection. Rules are good for clarity. Thanks for sharing this nugget.


  2. I, too, have two (or more) styles going on in my head all the time. Some people have been calling one of them “Dead Grandmother” style. I can’t do that, so I call it old home style and the other I think of as austere. Anyway, they are like two cats fighting in a bag inside my head, but old home usually wins. Your style is wonderful. I like them both.


    1. I know that it was manufactured by Atlas Globe China Co, but I can’t find a name for the pattern anywhere. There is a listing for this pattern at Replacements, Ltd, here, but no name given. Those green lovebirds are just charming, aren’t they? How lucky that you found even an incomplete set.


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