chateau marmont, est. 1927

Did you know that the Chateau Marmont hotel is located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and that it was built in 1927? It is a Hollywood landmark.  Movies have been filmed there, famous stars have lived in its bungalows.  I did not know any of this when I ordered my Chateau Marmont stencil a little over a week ago. I also didn’t know that I would be buying a 1927 dresser within just a few days!  I just thought the stencil was pretty.

chateau marmont 3

Unfortunately, only a small section of the 18″ x 12″ stencil fit on the 1927 dresser.  Here is the full stencil:


I originally just assumed a place called Chateau Marmont was in France. I would still be laboring under that illusion if I hadn’t had the TV on over the weekend while finishing up my painted books. I have a confession to make. Sometimes I watch those horrible true crime shows. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. But I only watch them during daylight hours!  I would be chicken to watch them after dark. So … I had the TV on, and a show came on about a serial killer that appeared on the Dating Game. Please tell me I’m not the only one here who remembers the Dating Game!

Anyway, yes … it’s true. He appeared on the show in 1978. And in fact, the bachelorette chose him! Can you imagine? Believe it or not, he was a registered sex offender at the time.  Apparently the Dating Game people didn’t do background checks! In the end, the woman never did go on a date with him because she ultimately found him creepy. Yet another example of why we should trust our gut instincts!

But … at this point you are probably wondering … how did we go from Chateau Marmont to the Dating Game serial killer? Well … one of his earliest victims lived at Chateau Marmont. On the show they explained that she was walking to school from the Chateau Marmont where she lived with her parents.

chateau marmont 2

And we come full circle and the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon strikes again!  I’m sure I would have never even noticed the name of the residential hotel where this girl lived if I hadn’t just happened to buy a stencil with that name on it.

But enough about serial killers, chateaus that are really in California and strange coincidences.  Didn’t the 1927 dresser turn out lovely?

chateau marmont 1

You may remember from the ‘before’ pictures that the top of this dresser was badly damaged.  I decided to just rip off the veneer entirely.  As I suspected, about 80% of it came off quite easily in about 30 seconds, and the last 20% took me another 30 minutes to remove!  I used a heat gun and a putty knife and just kept picking away at it.

Painting details:  painted in Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Shutter Grey with Grain Sack on the very top.  The raised oval and rectangle also painted in Grain Sack.  Finished with hemp oil.

chateau marmont 5

The Shutter Grey is really more blue than grey.  It is one of those tricky colors that looks different in different light.  Sometimes it looks more grey, and other times more blue.  Either way, I love the pale subtlety of this color.  I wish I had done a better job with these photos, but I ran out of time.  I had to snap them quickly after work as my light was fading.  I wanted to get some shots of it before I threw it in the truck at the last minute for Junk Bonanza.

One last note, I must say the Shutter Grey was a pleasure to paint with.  I was worried that it wouldn’t cover well, being so light, and that I’d have to do 3 coats.  But it went on beautifully, covered quite well in one coat, but I put on a 2nd lighter coat for good measure.  If you haven’t tried this color, I say give it a whirl!

11 thoughts on “chateau marmont, est. 1927

  1. Love this one too. Love the backstory as well. Nice to know the year of the dresser – kind of like knowing the make/model of an old car. Hope you are having a good time at the Junk sale!


    1. Thanks Darrielle! I love the stencils too, but I have to laugh … today at Junk Bonanza two women walked through my booth and I heard one say to the other “I just wish it didn’t say Paris on everything!” LOL. I guess to each her own. Not everyone wants to advertise Paris on their furniture, but I love it!


  2. I saw the true crime show you are talking about! LOL! Love this piece. Can you tell me, why does it sometimes say you use 2 colors. I only see one. And how do you get the shabby effect?


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one watching that stuff on TV 😉 As for two colors, there are two on this dresser. The raised rectangle and oval on the front and the top of the dresser are painted in Grain Sack, and the rest is Shutter Grey. As for the shabby effect, well … that is mostly just the milk paint doing its thing, and a little bit of knowing how much to sand the piece before painting and knowing what kind of older finishes will respond well to milk paint. But, often times the chippy-ness of milk paint isn’t really predictable.


  3. Will you let me know if you come back from the Bonanza with any dressers still available for sale? Or if you have one in Luckett’s Green in the future? I wasn’t able to make it down for the show this weekend to buy anything 😦


  4. Hi! When your husband picked up the 1920’s dresser, he gave me your card and told me how you redo furniture and such. So I just HAD to see what you came up with, and I LOVE it!! It is beautiful! And what a coincidence about the stencil?! It was meant to be. The color is also gorgeous. I absolutely love the shabby chic/distressed/vintage look. I almost want to buy it back, but my husband probably wouldn’t be too crazy about that 😉


    1. I was really happy with how this dresser turned out! Having the stencil already on order was just such a funny coincidence. I really thought this one would sell quickly at Junk Bonanza and was surprised when it didn’t. It’s such a lovely piece. I don’t remember if I mentioned it in the blog post, but I ended up just removing the veneer from the top entirely because it was so damaged. So, this dresser wasn’t suited for anything but painting after that. It was fun to revive it though. Hopefully it will go to a good home soon!


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